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Healing of Old Wounds; Isuzu and Fanho
Topic Started: Feb 13 2018, 01:43 PM (19 Views)
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Row Row, Fight the Powah!
The streets of Konoha were abuzz today. From Isuzu's bedside balcony, he could hear the humming of busy chatter and clatter of wooden sandals on cobblestones. This sound had come to be something of a comfort to the old genin, as he frequented that balcony often. Infront of him on his table laid a notebook, where he'd write down amusing observations while people watching, or some strange occurrence that'd happened. Today was a pretty bad day for that hobby, however, as it seemed everything was running smoothly - it was just one of those days it seemed. The sun was shining with a cool breeze blowing, and everyone was just chipper. With a stretch and a yawn, Zu rose for his chair and entered back into his bedroom, ready to start the day.


He exited his house around 9:30 AM to grab a bite to eat for himself. There was a dumpling shop down the street that Isuzu visited regularly. He'd become quite good friends with the owner of the place, now on a first name basis with the man. Upon opening the door, a small bell rang overhead. "Isuzu! Welcome! What'll it today? The Spicy Egg Dumpling, I bet, hmm?" He spoke loudly, no doubt everyone in the room now knew who the newest patron was. Ichiro was always such a cheerful man. It wasn't uncommon for Isuzu to come in when he was feeling down, as a greeting from Ichi always made him feel like the most important person in the room. "Yeah, that'll do it." The boy say down at a small table for two in the back. He liked this seat becaue of the window located directly behind it, overlooking a small koi pond in the back. He pulled out the same notebook and began scribbling some notes in it. He'd been researching a new set of sealing techniques, and he was constantly writing down any thoughts that jumped into his mind to allow for proper research later on.

"Here you go, my friend. On the house!" Ichi was always giving Isuzu things "on the house", but all this meant to Isuzu was he'd incorporate the price of the dumplings into his tip. "Thank you, Ichi-san" The genin bowed, as he always did to everyone upon first speaking. As the owner walked away, Zu grabbed his chopsticks with one hand and plopped a dumpling in his mouth, while still holding a pen and scribbling notes with the other hand.
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