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7) Ranking Up
Topic Started: Nov 2 2015, 06:16 AM (3,590 Views)
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Ranking Up

Its always possible to move up in the ranks, so long as you can perform to the need of that rank. Each rank has different requirements for ranking up, based on the upcoming responsibilities, and the expectations for power and ability. Ranking up has 2 requirements, you must meet the stat total for the next rank, and you must show you can perform the next ranks responsibilities by completing a Plot Board of the appropriate level. The requirements and rewards for ranking up are listed below.

Current RankPlot Board RequirementsStat Point Requirement
Genin/D-rankC-rank Plot Board or Chuunin Fight (For Village Nin, See below)80
Chuunin/C-rankCompletion of C-rank Plot Board160
Special Jounin/B-rankCompletion of B-rank Plot Board200
Jounin/A-rankCompletion of A-rank Plot Board, Kage Exam (See Below) for Kage280

Chuunin Exams and Kage Exams
Chuunin Exams are based on the village the shinobi is in, and changes depending on the village's circumstance. The Kage Exam is treated similarly, as each village has different requirements for what they expect of their leader. Below is a spoiler containing the chuunin exam and kage exam for each village, and what is required to pass.
Sunagakure no Sato
Konohagakure no Sato
Kumogakure no Sato
Kirigakure no Sato
Iwagakure no Sato

Companion Rank Ups

Companions rank up in the same way as characters do, and are awarded points to spend on jutsu when they rank up. However, companions are notoriously difficult to master, as training them often takes away from the training of the owner. Essentially, when you have a companion, any stat points awarded to an owner, can instead be distributed to the companion. If a Plot Board award 10 stats, you could give 1 to a companion and 9 to the owner, split 5 and 5, or give them all to the companion, however you'd like. Below is a table describing the stat requirements for each rank, and the points for jutsu rewarded for the rank up.

Current Rank for Pet & SpiritsStat Point Requirement to rank upPoints Rewarded for Rank Up
E-rank2410 Points
D-rank4010 Points
C-rank8020 Points
B-rank16020 Points
A-rank20020 Points

Current Rank for HenchmenStat Point Requirement to rank upPoints Rewarded for Rank Up
D-rank4020 Points
C-rank8020 Points
B-rank16020 Points
A-rank20020 Points
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Prestige Slot


In the world of Naruto Saigen, the objective of many players it build competitive characters with loads of stats and jutsu. Since this is the common measurement of strength, this causes many players to create characters at higher ranks in order to start with higher stats and jutsu. In the end, this unintentionally systematically discourages starting at lower ranks. In an effort to give players more of an incentive and reason to start at lower ranks besides story, we've designed a reward system that allows players to unlock non-combat advantages that allow for things like quality of life improvements, or special aesthetic effects. The advantages are known as perks and each one occupies 1 prestige slot- a new type of slot awarded via ranking up or completing end-game plot boards.

Unlocking a Prestige Slot
All characters start with 0/0 prestige slots. The maximum possible slots are 5. As alluded to, certain in-character achievements allow a character to unlock a prestige point. The first and most common way of unlocking prestige slots is through ranking-up. 1 slot is rewarded for each of the following:

  • Ranking up to Chuunin
  • Ranking up to Special Jounin
  • Ranking up to Jounin
  • Ranking up to Bannin
  • Hitting Max Stats

However, due to balance players who started at higher ranks also have the opportunity to earn prestige slots. Unlike the first path however, these players cannot earn their remaining slots until after reaching end-game. Not only does this ensure no one has a direct advantage over the other, but this also allows end-game characters who traditionally have no benefit from doing plot boards to have more incentive to interact in the world and use their powerful characters to change things. However, those performing this path need to participate in high-level plotboards. This means at a minimum plotboards must be A-Rank or higher. Again, to enforce quality on this, the individual threads of the plotboard must have an average of at least 5 points.

Spending Prestige Slots
Once you've gained a prestige slot, simply fill out a modification stating which perk you wish to unlock and it will be modded onto your application. As a reminder, each perk costs 1 slot. Note that some perks can be unlocked more than once. Prestige slots are not refundable. Once a slot is occupied, you are stuck with that perk.

There are three types of perks: Quality of Life Perks, Lump Perks, and Cosmetic Perks. Quality of Life Perks give permanent discounts. Lump Sum Perks allow you to get a one-time reward up front, and cosmetic perks merely allow flavour changes to powerful characters who want to differentiate themselves cosmetically from others.

Quality of Life Perks
Perk NamePerk EffectTimes Earnable
Connections1 Point off Jutsu1
Professor200 words off jutsu trainings. Does not work against 400 word minimum.2
Sheer Determination100 words off stat trainings. Does not work against 400 word minimum. 2
Arms Dealer-10 Points off Weapons over 50 points.1
Accountant+1 Modifier for point payout in all threads. (Only counts towards CP, not stats)1
LegacyWhen teaching your jutsu to pupils, they receive a discount of -300 words. Does not work against 400 word minimum. Does not stack with other perks.1

Lump Sum Reward Perks
Perk NamePerk EffectTimes Earnable
Inheritance15 character points.No Limit
Heirloom25 points towards a special item.No Limit
Beast MasterEarn a rank-appropriate companion without doing a plot board.No Limit
Signature TechniqueUnlocks a D-S line of a singular-themed jutsu. (Must be able to preform S-rank of the requisite -Jutsu)1

Cosmetic Perks
Perk NamePerk EffectTimes Earnable
Changed ChakraWith this perk the person may choose whichever color they'd like their chakra to be.1
Strange ChakraThe texture of this character;s chakra is different. I.E. scaley or bubbly instead of like a light/energy.1
Legendary TechniqueChange the color on a select line of jutsu. I.E. All Rasengan have a green hue. Does not effect other ninpou.No Limit

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