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In other recent news, the invasion and destruction of Konoha by infamous missing ninja remnants of Henkou has left the village crippled with the Hyuuga head dead, scrolls stolen, and a near death situation for their Hokage. Amidst the destruction however, new heroes and a new generation of leaders were born.
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Yamakawa, Jaburo; Jounin
Topic Started: Feb 14 2012, 05:15 PM (284 Views)
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Yamakawa, Jaburo
The Spear of Sunagakure

"My life for my village. A fair and noble trade."

General Information
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 190 Lbs.
Hair: A mangy coat of tosseled white hair.
Eyes: Brown
Physical Features: Jaburo is tall and very muscular man. His biceps can unleash a primal fury unseen in many warriors. This strength and tone is required to perfect his high strength and speed taijutsu. He has a mildly tanned skintone, and a menacing look. His chin and cheek have a single scar running through it on the left side.

Clothing/Accessories: Off-duty Jaburo tends to wear a long-sleeved shinobi mesh shirt and standard issue black shinobi pants. He holds these up by wearing his forhead protector around his waist as a belt. On the right and left side this also holds kunai's, and smaller projectiles like senbon and shuriken. On his chest he has a tanto tied to it. Over his upper body, he wears a tan tunic, and a red scarf.

While in battle or on duty, Jaburo tends to wear a slevless black shirt and standard shinobi pants. Ontop of this shirt is a light and flexible chainmail which provides minor protection. His left arm is primarily used to block attacks. It features a shoulder-guard and larger armplate, keeping flexibility while allowing for defence. His right arm is bare except for plating on his forearm. On his lower back is a utility bag holding senbon, kunai, and his tanto. On his feet he weats wooden sandals, with metal plating on the top of the foot to avoid getting cut up in combat. In place of his his forehead protector is a plate with horns protruding from the top. The horns are purely decorative and serve no purpose.

Forehead Protector: His forehead protector is generally worn in relax conditions on his waist. When in battle, he downs more of a helmet/faceplate that bears the Sunagakure symbol.

Personality: Jaburo is very kind at heart, but outwardly shows only concern and even a temper. He is easily agitated by annoying, inexperienced commerades, but he does understand where they are coming from. His facial expressions are generally somber, and he tends to be very serious. He deeply loves his nation and would put his life on the line for it. At the same time however, Jaburo, as an older Jounin, is very well trained and wise. His experience on the battlefield makes him not only a serious contender but explains his concern in battle. He has experienced war and what it leaves behind. Jaburo generally does not open himself up to many in an emotional matter, but he does enjoying giving tips and looking after young ones.

In combat Jaburo is generally very calm and almost "in command." Every move he makes has a reason and generally lands in a hit. His combat style is best described as either defensive or, in an arms style, great for offensive chase.. In times, he will charge the front line. He will run straight into battle. Sometimes however, he will instead play defensively, and "dive" in attempts to pierce his opponent.

Battle Information
Rank: Jounin
Village: Sunagakure no Sato
Chakra Affinity: Fuuton
Second Chakra Affinity: Doton

  • Ninjutsu: 7
  • Taijutsu: 9
  • Genjutsu: 3
  • Stamina: 8
  • Control: 8
  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 7
  • Wit: 7

Equipment: 10 Kunai (Left Utility Pouch Pocket)
4 Guaze Rolls (Middle Utility Pouch Pocket - Can be used given enough time to rap up wounds in the heat of battle where a medic is not present.)
25 Shuriken (Right Utility Pouch Pocket)
20 Senbon (Outer Utility Pouch Pocket)
2 Tanto (Left and Right Slits in Utility Pouch - handle is a a few inches, just beg enough his hand, blade is 5 1/2 inches.)
Grand Penetrator (This spear is 6 feet long and made out of hard, reinforced wood serving as a light weight core with a metal shell providing strong strength regardless of infusion while maintaining a light weight. This metal also makes it easy for Jaburo to channel Doton Elemental Infusion into the spear.)

Combat Style

Jaburo uses a mixture of tactical decisions that utilize his raw speed and pure strength. While he often likes to think of a plan, generally he just plunges into battle. He utilizes two styles in doing so. His "Arms" style involves high style taijutsu and playing defensively while using his speed and alttitude to find openings. His "defensive" style generally envolves smashing into combat attempting to overwhelm his opponent with strength and more stamina. He also uses high style from time to time.

The High Style is a nintaijutsu style focused around aerial combat. Usually a user of the High Style is never on the ground for more than two seconds; land, build up speed and jump again. What it lacks in power, it makes up for in evasion and unpredictability. To exercise this style to its fullest, users should be competent in control, speed and strength. Flexibility, while not a necessary component of this style, will help to further one's grasp over these techniques.

Beyond this, Jaburo also uses Chakra infusion, a style favored by many taijutsu specialists, these techniques give the user the ability to fortify their otherwise normal weapons against ninjutsu by channeling chakra into them, reducing the damage taken from a given attack and in some cases, reflecting it back at the attacker.

Jutsu Information
Abilities: Jaburo has no special abilities.
Total Jutsu: 25





Pyramid: N/A. Included in Nin/Tai Calculations above.


Over thirty-six years ago, Jaburo was born to his parents, Gruuya and Yura Yamakawa. Growing up he was shielded from much of the conflict going on. His mother was a kunoichi and his father, a Suna Architect Smith. They had lived moderately well in a upper-middle class portion of the village. When Jaburo was four, his mother was killed in action. Things slowly spiraled downwards as his father lost the income needed to pay the bills. They had to move to a poorer part of town and at one point barerly had the money for food. Things got better for Gruuya as his smithing and skills were needed more. When he couldn't get a job securing the village's borders by building walls and compounds, he made kunai and shuriken. It paid the bills and Gruuya was able to provide for his son adequately.

Jaburo had always wanted to be a ninja- something Gruuya had frowned upon. His father had never come to terms with his mother's death. In the end, it was respect for his wife's wish for their son to be a great shinobi that made him enroll Jaburo in the Academy. A month from his 10th birthday, the 9 year old had showed no particular skill in Ranged Ninjutsu. Infact, it had seemed he could only preform taijutsu. But- he had high speed and strength for his age making up for his lack in Ninjutsu. As he grew older he was prooved he was able to pickup standard Ninjutsu, but never really liked it. He prefered to use Taijutsu, and his new found love. Nin-tai. Mixing ninjutsu to strengthen his taijutsu was a dream to him. At this point- his mentors wondered if he had an element. He hadn't really shown any talent in ninjutu's like classmates had. Other students we're launching fireballs by 12 and slicing weak targets in half. Jaburo was circling them and slicing them up instead.

As a Genin, Jaburo found himself to be far stronger than anyone had thought. As a gift for becoming a Genin, his father had given him a Spear. "Your mothers brother. Your uncle, had been a phenominal spear user. He too- was named Jaburo. He died protecting his squad a few months prior to your birth, and was a hero in Suna who died with great honor. You not only share his name, but always reminded your mother of him. Your will. Your humour. I, had made him this spear years ago, and now, it is rightfully yours. He would want you to have it." This was important. Up until that point, Jaburo's combat had use his tanto's.

His sensei, was wildly fascinated in his taijutsu. At this point, his sensei had begun to teach him basic ninjutsu in hopes to increase his chance against powerful elements and ninjutsu users. First, his sensei taught him basic "High Style" moves such as jump. This made him mobile enough to get into range. Then he was taught to use basic skills like Pumped and Speedster, allowing him to close gaps and deal more damage. This became the basis for his later stances. Soon, he had begun to learn C-ranked infusion. This was when his teacher noticed his chakra patterns. He showed the ability for both Raiton and Doton, much like his Uncle. His sensei soon tried to teach him these skills, hopping it would work perfectly with his specialized spear. Jaburo was not able to master these skills at his level.

As he entered the exams, he made quick work of all his opponents in combat. Using his spear and speed, he was able to catch most Ninjutsu users off-guard. Using his spear and strength, he could over power other taijutsu specialists. His only problem was genjutsu- while usually a simple release would work, at one point he couldn't. Either way, he made it to the final rounds and won. It was then he was promoted to Chuunin.

For the next 4 years, Jaburo went under many missions, assinating people with intel that couldn't get out, helping retrive ninja, guarding the village, and more. Soon at around 20, he had started to work at the Academy guiding taijutsu lessons. Finally around 28, he had proven himself versatile in many tasks. He had annihilated a Kiri ninja attempting to invade Suna, and even helped uncover a traitor group hoping to kill the Kazekage. At this point, Suna had needed more Jounin to train the next generation of ninja, and he had proven himself as a good teacher. He became a Jounin, and a sensei. While a jounin, he guided multiple genin. First there was a boy who had reminded him slightly of himself, but had used a blade. He often used Fuuton to enhance his blade, and he had aced the Chuunin exams after 3 years of guidance from Jaburo. At 31 Jaburo undertook his next student, who tragically had died while by himself outside of the village. The attacker was never found, and Jaburo had felt he had failed the student, and as a ninja. Taking a break for a few years, he took his next student at 33. The boy was extraordinary- a master of many techniques and styles considering his age. After a while, he had decided to leave the village. Jaburo had cornered him, intent on changing his mind. The boy had flicker to him, and held his hands up in seal position, ready to unleash an attack. Jaburo, did not have the heart to stop this student. Instead, Jaburo stepped aside and kept that night a secret. As far as everyone had known, he hadn't been present when the boy left and became a missing ninja. It wasn't soon till he was assigned to kill his student. Jaburo succeeded. Deep in his heart however, it had created a hole. Something happened when he took his own students life, and it's ate at his conscious ever since. It made Jaburo decide not to take any students anymore and in his mind, made him a murderer. It was his fault his student had strayed, and he couldn't bring him back. Currently, he is guarding Sunagakure- a position made possible by his impecable defeat of 30 horse-riding bandits with bows. Such a challenge for a pure melee combatant proved his worth. (Even if it did almost kill him.)
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