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The mundane state of the world has been shattered. Called to action by their feudal Lord with heavy hearts acting Raikage Ote Syaoran has commanded the clouds shining forces to the battlefield. The tides of war in favour of Lord Hojo and his Kumogakure retainers but there is still much yet to do before the battle is complete.

In other recent news, the invasion and destruction of Konoha by infamous missing ninja remnants of Henkou has left the village crippled with the Hyuuga head dead, scrolls stolen, and a near death situation for their Hokage. Amidst the destruction however, new heroes and a new generation of leaders were born.
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Nara, Shikaru; Genin
Topic Started: Jan 4 2012, 11:42 PM (419 Views)
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Nara Shikaru

[Strike from the shadows with unrelenting force]

General Information
Weight:184 lbs
Hair:Black, relatively straight, usually kept in a ponytail, in which case it barely touches the top of his shirt
Eyes: thin dark eyes with small pupils
Physical Features: Slim, toned body, but it is usually hidden under loose clothes.
Clothing/Accessories: Always seen in a navy-blue loose formal outfit that has a pale trim around the neck and buttons and the konoha symbol centered on his back. The pants have an apron, containing the Nara symbol on both the front and back; otherwise the pants match the top. Also wears a cloth belt that matches the trim, where his ninja satchel is looped through and sits on his back, near his left hip. Usually wears sandals, unless required to wear something else by a mission, in which case he switches to standard shinobi shoes. Finally, wears a blue stoned necklace that was given to him by his parents, which his sister wears the match to.
Forehead Protector: tied around his left arm near the shoulder
Personality: Roo is a Type-A personality. He is very outgoing and often drives people out of their comfort zone just to force them to grow. The prime example of him doing that is with his twin sister. He enjoys training to be a shinobi and really only does that. Dedication is the key word to describe him.

There's not really much else to him. He's a very dedicated shinobi who can occasionally have fun. He makes as many enemies as friends because of his up front nature and he trains to become a strong ninja, for no other reason than to be the best shinobi in his family.
nara-twin powers, activate

Battle Information
Chakra Affinity:Katon
Second Chakra Affinity:

  • Ninjutsu:3
  • Taijutsu:3
  • Genjutsu:1
  • Stamina:2
  • Control:4
  • Strength:2
  • Speed:5
  • Wit: 4

-Ninja Satchel- (on back at waist level)
  • Kunai(x15)
  • shuriken(x15)
  • exploding tag(x5)
  • kunai tied to exploding tag(x5)
  • shuriken tied to exploding tag(x5)

Combat Style
Roo relies on a combination of taijutsu and his clan techniques in combat. Additionally, he recently learned he has an affinity for Katon and is about ready to start learning jutsu of this kind.

Hakugyou Style:
This is a style developed by Shikaru after observing the Chakra burst technique. By channeling the directed chakra to particular points on his body, a shinobi is able to apply extra force to an attack, or even a block, often catching an enemy off guard.

Jutsu Information
Abilities: Twin
This character is a twin to another character. This ability takes up 4 companion slots of each character and takes up two character slots. Twins are siblings, and as such, they must be from the same clan if applicable.

Shadow Manipulation
Less of an element and more like a specialty, the members of the Nara Clan are able to manipulate both their own shadows and shadows in the surrounding area in ways that normal ninja are not able to due to their 'shadow chakra'. This chakra allows them to use various techniques that allow them to create effective traps to use against an opponent as long as there is enough light in the area to create the shadows needed to do so. If there is absolutely no light present in the area of the Nara member, they are unable to use their shadow techniques.




Shikaru was the first born of twins, but second in line in a family in the Nara clan. Even though he was not first born, however, he was the first and only guy. This gave him power, or so he thought. As a child he imagined himself being one of the great ninja of the village, and could not wait to join the academy. His parents brought him up to be smart, teaching him things from a young age that would develop his brain. He was always smart, if a little impulsive.

The boy joined the academy with his sister when they were eight, and immediately liked it. He would never be short on stories to tell when the siblings were walking home, and would never hesitate to fill everyone in on what had happened that day. Never once did he take the hint that his older sister, Shikatsuko, did not at all appreciate his ramblings. He always felt like she looked down on him, and like he wasn't good enough, and at one point he even felt like she did not love him.

That all changed one day in the academy during lunch. The teachers were all inside, and for a reason that escapes his memory to this day, he was cornered by three other genin to be. They had pushed him into the only corner of the area that could not be seen from the inside window, and proceeded to pick on him, throwing punches occasionally. He tried to fight back, but he was neither fast enough nor strong enough to compete. He would have screamed for help, but they punched him in the gut every time he tried.

It was then, when all hope seemed lost, that a figure appeared between the attackers and the boy. The figure somehow knew Nara techniques, and quickly trapped them all before telling them to never bother Roo again. The boy then found out that his savior was his sister. He could not help but hold profound admiration for her, even though she later claimed she only helped him because she needed money, but he did not care. She had saved him, and for that he would be forever grateful.

When he graduated two years later he was placed on a squad with his sister and another genin, and is on the same squad to this day. Each and every day of his genin career he trains to become as strong as his older sister, wanting to one day be great.
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