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In other recent news, the invasion and destruction of Konoha by infamous missing ninja remnants of Henkou has left the village crippled with the Hyuuga head dead, scrolls stolen, and a near death situation for their Hokage. Amidst the destruction however, new heroes and a new generation of leaders were born.
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Inuzuka, Ryouken; Chuunin [NPC]
Topic Started: Mar 23 2011, 01:12 PM (288 Views)
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Welcome to NSRP, where the rules are made up and the points don't matter.

[My word means more than yours]

General Information
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm
Weight: 68kg
Hair: Black spiky hair. 15 cm long
Eyes: Black slit
Physical Features: fit but doesn’t show that many muscles. Ryouken also has sharp and long canine teeth. Red Inuzuka Tattoos on his cheeks. Pretty mature looking and quiet handsome
Clothing/Accessories: He wears a black tight tee shirt and a chuunin flak jacket over it. He wears black shorts that end on the middle of his calf. He wears black sandals. He has a kunai holster wrapped around his right leg and a large pouch on his left back side
Forehead Protector:
Personality: He is Kind and likes flower he loves to drink tea. He likes to eat ramen. He likes to dance and take-care of people and animals. Ryouken is a very strong but at the same time still is a soft person who cares for his friends. Ryouken fights with his partner Suki the faithful dog who willingly abides by the commands Ryouken sets forth for him, the two of them are a devastating duo who cause considerable amounts of damage to the enemies.

Personality wise Ryouken seems to be very caring for his comrades and at the same time can be a jerk, this makes Ryouken become more of a variable, not so much has really been released about Ryouken thus far, though in time there will be a more in tuned and more integrated part of Ryouken. . He is a half loud spoken. He loves to go out with his dog. He gets mad when he is being attack by enemies. He likes to check the girls in his class and other girls around Konoha. He hates when people talk shit about his dog. When it comes to his team-mates he always take order and finish the mission. He would never kill an enemy or leave a team mate.

Battle Information
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Konohagakure no Sato
Chakra Affinity: Katon [Fire]
Second Chakra Affinity: N/A

  • Ninjutsu:6
  • Taijutsu:7
  • Genjutsu:2
  • Stamina:5
  • Control:4
  • Strength:6
  • Speed:6
  • Wit: 5

[25] Kunai(s) In her pouch
[3] Explosive Notes in his pouch
[1m] Fishing line in his pouch
[1m] Wire in his pouch
[3] Smoke bombs in his pouch

Combat Style Ryouken battles with his pet to take out the enemy as quick as possible, although he tries to stay away from people that are better in genjutsu since he has not trained in it.

Jutsu Information
Abilities: Bloodline Limit:

Inner Beast

Although the Inuzuka clan does not have a true bloodline ability, their strong affinity with their animal familiars has bred the blood of the beast into every one of them. From small physical traits—slitted pupils and sharp eye (canine) teeth—to their senses—heightened sense of smell and hearing—members of the Inuzuka clan are less human than they appear. These innate traits give them an edge that only an animal could have and allow them to work in complete harmony with their animal familiars.


Clan Ninjutsu
Clan Taijutsu

Ryouken comes from the inuzuka clan. He got his dog when he was 12 from his mother (tetaki inzuka 55 years old) when he became a genin as a present. He was thought to speak with dogs at age 13 when he got the dog. He learned most of his clan jutsus from his mother. She had six dogs and she is a vet (veterinarian) and his father trained him at using the double piercing fang gatsuuga, the clan skill. His father also used to tell stories about the clan. His best friends Akatsu Nara (15 years old) from the Nara clan and Poll Yamanaka (15 years old) from the Yamanaka clan.

They usually hang out every day to train or check girls. His academy years was very easy for him. Thanks to his high knowledge of taijutsu and ninjutsu, although he had some issues in genjutsu, he still passed. His father (Niko Inzuka 59 years old) is one of the town guard, his older sister (Masaki Inzuka 17 years old) is a jounin, His little brother (Mani Inzuka, 15) ranked to a chuunin before Ryouken did thanks to his sister. Masaki had trained him since he was four years old. His relationship between him and his brother is tight. Although they see each other as rivals. They do not usually hang out. One day Ryouken was going out to the lake with Suki and Mani. But when they came the lake they encountered a missing nin, at first they did not notice him but when he insulted the young mans dog, he berserked. But his brother helped him to kick his but. It was from that day Ryouken started to become jealous of his younger brother.
He entered the Chuunin exam with his two team mates. They managed the first rank easily thanks to their survivor skills and awesome battle formation and thanks to Suki Ryouken managed through the other matches easily. When he ranked up as a chuunin he felt a bit satisfied although he knew that he had to work harder to beat his brother to the jounin level
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