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The mundane state of the world has been shattered. Called to action by their feudal Lord with heavy hearts acting Raikage Ote Syaoran has commanded the clouds shining forces to the battlefield. The tides of war in favour of Lord Hojo and his Kumogakure retainers but there is still much yet to do before the battle is complete.

In other recent news, the invasion and destruction of Konoha by infamous missing ninja remnants of Henkou has left the village crippled with the Hyuuga head dead, scrolls stolen, and a near death situation for their Hokage. Amidst the destruction however, new heroes and a new generation of leaders were born.
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Jinrai Ayuma; Jounin
Topic Started: Mar 22 2011, 11:05 PM (2,698 Views)
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Jinrai, Ayuma

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General Information
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 149 Lbs
Hair: His hair is white and strait, shifting this way and that without much attention paid to it. It reaches his neck and nose in the back and front.
Eyes: Ayuma's eyes are gray, and can either look blue or green depending on the light. They are quick to betray his emotion when he allows them to. Though he has become much more care free since returning to the village, his eyes still observe everything, and his head is always on a swivel.
Physical Features: After years of being in the wild, it's no wonder Ayuma has gathered some scars. Surprisingly, though, there aren't that many, mostly on his back and chest. He does not carry himself like a ninja, but more like a classic teenager with his posture mostly slouched rather than straight.
Clothing/Accessories: His attire can shift wildly depending on the day, but when touring the village or hanging out, he will often dress in black jeans with a belt, a green shirt with white design, and if needed, a gray jacket with fur lining the hood. His shoes are simple and black.
Forehead Protector: Worn on his forehead.
Personality: Ayuma is a bit awkward. He is used to life on the run and now with no one chasing him, he doesn't quite know what to do with himself. He has no need to question anyone's motives or check his drinks for poison. This leaves him with a lot of free mental processing power to kind of just muse throughout the day. He's pretty laid back now, just enjoying life as it is. He never really learned to talk to people and have normal conversations, so talking to him can get a little weird, but he has wisdom from the years away from the village that will sometimes come out as an observation or comment toward how people do things and how they think. In many ways, he's still an awkward teenager. He has developed massively in areas of combat, strategy, and survival. But when it comes to normal every day living, he's totally lost.

Battle Information
Rank: Jounin
Village: Kumogakure no Sato
Chakra Affinities: Raiton

  • Ninjutsu: 9
  • Taijutsu: 9
  • Genjutsu: 7
  • Stamina: 8
  • Control: 9
  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 10
  • Wit: 9


  • 6 kunai in the ninja pouch on his belt
  • 15 shuriken in the pouch on his belt
  • 10 exploding tags with the exploding power of 7 tags each rolled up and stashed in the ninja pouch on his belt
  • 3 smoke bombs (non-explosive)
  • The Scribe's Companion - A specialized custom scroll that contains about 100 ft of paper. The scroll's roller has compartments containing an ink brush and a supply of ink amounting to 8 fluid oz.
  • The Clap of Thunder - A four foot katana with a very small tube running from the base of the blade to just before the tip. This acts as a flute to be used with all of his Jinrai jutsu. The sheath is strapped to his back.
  • The Flash of Lightning - A recurve bow fashioned to withstand Ayuma's strength. Along with this bow is a quiver of arrows. The quiver is large enough to hold about 45 arrows, and has a seal around the interior that holds three sets of 45 broad-headed arrows. The contents are as follows:
    • 38 broad-head tipped arrows
    • 2 smoke arrows - arrows with normal tips, but that have smoke bombs within to be released upon contact.
    • 5 explosive arrows - Simple normal-tipped arrows with explosive tags pre-tied to the back. These explode upon impact with the force of 7 exploding tags.

Combat Style:

Abilities and Concentrations
Abilities: [1/3]
The Jinrai clan has developed the art of creating raw, vibrating chakra. Vibrating chakra can be used for a variety of purposes and is generally harnessed through the use of a musical Instrument. Jinrai techniques can be fused with any element, with Ninpou simply being pure vibrating chakra. Due to the nature of vibrations, the path and the vibrations are essentially visible when they come into contact with objects that would be moved by said vibrations, such as visible particulates in the air, grass, leaves, snow, etc. etc. In addition, though not required, techniques can be tailored so that strings of notes played on the Instrument may replace hand seals.

Ninjutsu Concentrations: [1/5] Raiton

This user has learned to use the raiton affinity, allowing them access to raiton jutsu. Raiton jutsu are known for their ability to pierce, shock, and paralyze opponents.

Taijutsu Concentrations:
Genjutsu Concentrations:


Jinrai Ayuma was born into a normal family with normal people with normal jobs. Well, normal for the Jinrai clan. His father was an astronomer for Kumogakure no Sato, and his mother was a nurse at the village hospital. His older sister went on to become a ninja. Ayuma was the couple’s first child, and they loved him dearly. Before long, however, they discovered that the boy seemed to have trouble when it came to physical activity. Whenever he would exert himself, he would become tired like everyone else, but he did not recover. Sleep helped fatigue, and his muscles healed, but his energy would not return. They took him in for testing and found out that he had a disease that disallowed his body to create chakra. A simple fix was found. All the boy had to do was take soldier pills to replenish his energy. The problem with this was that by the age of six, he had grown immune to the restoring effects of the pills, and needed to find an alternate method. He entered into the academy with strict instructions not to use jutsu even after he had learned them. His parents did not want him to kill himself from over exertion.

The boy found a fascination in reading, and soon discovered the basis for the style that he would one day create. He read and studied about vibrations and how they affected things, and was intrigued by them. He even found that certain vibrations could cause the life energy in things to seep out. He looked into the fact, and soon found that, with practice, he could create jutsu that would allow him to absorb this energy to keep his disease at bay; jutsu that his clan techniques would supplement.

He graduated the academy, and was placed on a squad, but felt odd interacting with people for some reason. He preferred to read, and to develop the jutsu style of which he was so proud. The only problem with the style was that it killed things. The boy saw nothing wrong with killing a few plants so that he could enjoy a normal life, but his sensei instructed him to find other means, or to drop the style. Out of pride more than anything else, he deserted his squad on the last night of a mission that had taken them out of the village. After that day, the ninja was not heard of. He hid his existence by living as a civilian who traveled from place to place, trying to make himself difficult to find.

A few months after the boy left the village, he met up with a man by the name of Yaksha. Yaksha took pity on the boy, and saw the potential gain from apprenticing the boy, so apprentice him he did. The two did not always travel together, but the boy began to respect Yaksha to the utmost degree.

Shortly after taking Yaksha as his master, Ayuma met a girl. Her name was Tamera. Tamera saved Ayuma from a venomous snake’s poison, and convinced her father to allow him to stay with them for a time. Ayuma and Tamera got along, and quickly became friends. Shortly after their meeting, however, a ninja from Kumogakure, who had been a friend of Ayuma’s, showed up and tricked Ayuma into leaving. He then killed the girl’s father, and was getting ready to kill Tamera when Ayuma returned and killed him. The exact events of that night have not yet been made clear to Ayuma.

Shortly after the two split up, Ayuma rescued a young woman from a prison. She was a slave, and he had been hired to free her, but when he did, she needed medical attention so he helped her. She then agreed to follow him and to help him in his goals if he would help her find her brother. They have not yet located him yet.
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