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Aisu Mezari; Genin
Topic Started: Oct 25 2010, 09:33 AM (553 Views)
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Aisu, Mezari

Our families may cry as we die, but every drop of blood spilt is another tear shed from another family just like us. For as long as I live, I shall only kill if there is no other resolution.

インフォメーション General Information
General Information

Gender | Male
Age | 15
Height | 5'7"
Weight | 188lbs (84kg)
Personality |

Mezari is loyal to everything he comes close to. He cherishes his friendships and bonds that he creates with people and always tries to maintain them through thick and thin. He has no fear of telling you straight and will often do so, even if he has to offend you to get his point across. One thing he will not do is choose sides. He prefers to stay as the neutral party at all times, in order to better analyze situations and make fairly judged calls. He likes to remain cool-headed and calm at all times, and has a strange obsession with water - specifically rain or beautiful rivers. They seem to fascinate him and put him in an odd trance.

He hates violence with a passion, sometimes even to the point where he curses the day that shinobi came to be, but is not too ignorant or stubborn to ignore the harsh reality that violence may be the only way to uphold peace in the aggressive world he lives in. Despite his acknowledgment of this, Mezari will ALWAYS refuse to kill someone he believes need not be killed, because although it may weaken or shorten enemy forces, he has a strong belief in equality and the right to live. On rare occasions, when the victim actually deserves death for committing wrong deeds, or if the situation demands it, he will bypass his belief and resort to murder.

When not on missions on a normal day, Mezari is usually very energetic and enjoys play-wrestling with his friends and joking around. He likes to point out random facts and turn them into jokes that only he and the people that know him would find funny.

Clothing/Accessories | Mezari has an odd and sometimes obnoxious clothing habit. He refuses to go anywhere without one of his two singlets, and would gladly wear one for weeks on end if the other is lost or dirty, despite the smell. He will often be seen wearing either a black or white, baggy t-shirt underneath his grey raincoat, which bears the symbol of the Aisu clan on the back. Majority of the time, he will also have his 2m grey scarf hanging down between his un-zipped raincoat. He tends to use the pockets of his raincoat as his kunai-holsters, or to store any other materials that he has on him.

Physical Features | While not skinny to the point of his bones showing, Mezari limbs are quite thin which gives off the impression that he is scrawny and weak. Despite this, he actually holds a lot of un-toned muscle in his body and is very strong.

Hair | Mezari's hair is a simple, straight and smooth black colour, reaching over his ears and to the edges of his cheeks. His fringe is cut unevenly, with one half covering his right eye, and the other half only just reaching his left eye.

Eyes | Although upon first glance you wouldn't notice, Mezari's eyes are actually a semi-dark green, which change into a bright-green in the sunlight. Mezari almost always has visible bags under his eyes, most likely from lack of sleep.

バトル情報 Battle Information
Battle Information

Village | Kirigakure no Sato - The Village Hidden in the Mist
Rank | Genin
Combat Style | Ninjutsu
Chakra Affinity | Hyouton (Ice Release)
Secondary Chakra Affinity(s) | Suiton (Water Release) & Fuuton (Wind Release)
Bloodline Limit | Hyouton Chakra Element
Using their bloodline, Aisu members are able to fuse Fuuton and Suiton to create Hyouton and use Hyouton jutsus. This element is the ice element.


4 | Ninjutsu | 4
2 | Taijutsu | 2
2 | Genjutsu | 2
5 | Stamina | 5
3 | Control | 3
3 | Strength | 3
3 | Speed | 3
3 | Wit | 3


Kunai Holster - An average shaped, one pocketed dark red pouch, located either in the left pocket of Mezari's raincoat, or strapped around his right leg when the raincoat is off.

x5 Kunai

Pouch - Another simple dark red pouch, located in either the right pocket of the raincoat or tied around Mezari's waist, sitting on his left cheek.

x5 Kunai
x7 Exploding Tag
x5 Shuriken
x2 Flash Bombs
x2 Smoke Grenade

術情報 Jutsu Information

履歴 History

Mezari's childhood was fairly average. He grew up in a friendly environment with parents that rarely argued, and settled the disputes almost instantly afterwards when they did. Like most, he was liked by some and disliked by some. He never really had too many friends, because most thought him strange or weird, but he was content with the few he made over the years, and being young, he didn't yet understand the concepts of loyalty or how to hold a grudge, so he never had any problems with those friends. Eventually, as he grew older, he slowly gained an understanding on reality, and began to strongly dislike serious violence of any sort, including verbal disputes, and quickly took up the role of the neutral party between his friends.

He entered into the shinobi academy with his young, immature comprehension of violence and war and quickly found himself debating with the instructor during his studies. He soon learned and adjusted his ways, expressing his belief and now quickly growing hatred of war without disrupting his classes, but was still never afraid to tell anyone his opinion of violence. Like usual, some made fun of him for his belief and thought he hated fighting because he was either too scared or too weak to stand up for himself. He landed little nicknames like "weakling" and "chicken", and he soon found his will failing him.

His drive was further shattered when his favourite cousin Len was killed in a battle with a foreign shinobi, who also died in the end. After the funeral, he found himself overcome by rage and on the verge of throwing his beliefs away. He was furious with his mother, who wasn't showing nearly as much remorse as him and approached her, asking why? She told him "Son, we may cry and we may never forget the death of our loved ones. But in every conflict, there are two sides. They cry, they mourn and they will also never forget, just like us. Is it really fair to hate them for doing what we ourselves do?" That night, something inside him clicked back into place, and he awoke the next day back to normal, with a more serious understanding of life.

In the following years, he flew through his studies, having little difficulty with either mental or physical aspects of the academy, and graduated with sound results, finally attaining his head band, which he proudly wore around his neck, now ready to face the world he detested so much.
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