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Sakebi Ishi; Chuunin
Topic Started: Jun 28 2010, 12:24 AM (1,282 Views)
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Sakebi, Ishi

General Information
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 277 lbs
Hair: Short, sandy, and Blonde, Ishi prefers to keep his hair manageable by preventing it from getting too long. Spiked at two or three inches, his hair at any given time attempts to be spiked, but belies what would be an untamed rebellion of mussing and tangles.
Eyes: His eyes are a dark but plain chocolate brown, seldom giving up any emotion or motive. Ishi prides himself in his eyes not because of any aesthetic beauty, but because of how little they give away. They're fairly plain, but Ishi doesn't complain.
Physical Features: Huge and muscular, Ishi has a dark complexion, somewhere in the darker mocha area. The Genin is quiet by nature, and generally plain of expression, showing little emotion. His body is all powerful, rippling muscle. Due to mishaps in training taken too far, the boy now has small surgical scars along his jawline, and a larger one moving horizontally on his lower right ribcage. On cold days, the right side of his jaw sometimes clicks when he talks or chews.
Clothing/Accessories: Dressing for functionality, Ishi wears plain sorts of clothing, generally dark in color, loose enough to be comfortable and to blend well with the dark shadows and stones of Tsuchi no Kuni. He tends to adore pants with many pockets and loose-fitting tees. Failing that, dark-colored hoodies work well for him on a colder day.
Forehead Protector: Ishi's forehead protector is slightly larger than the usual one, to remain proportionate to his own size. In his case, however, it's more of a throat protector, tied loosely around his neck to show at his throat.


Battle Information
Rank: Chuunin
Village: Iwagakure no Sato, Tsuchi no Kuni
Chakra Affinity: Doton

  • Ninjutsu: 7
  • Taijutsu: 5
  • Genjutsu: 4
  • Stamina: 7
  • Control: 7
  • Strength: 7
  • Speed: 5
  • Wit: 6

Ishi has two pouches for weapons. Choosing to keep it basic, he has one of them is on his right hip, and the other on his left. They seem oddly dwarfed in comparison to others, but only because they are average-sized, and worn on Ishi's massive body.

65x caltrops: Small bladed weapons made to be dropped on the ground and then stepped on by the opponent. Kept in the right weapons pouch.
x10 Tagged Kunai: Basic knives used for throwing or close-range combat, with paper bombs attached to the ends. Kept in right pouch.
x5 Paper bombs: small paper tags with seals inscribed on them. When activated, they explode with considerable force. Kept in the front of the right hip pouch.
x15 shuriken: Basic five-pointed shinobi throwing stars, used for ranged combat and trapping. Kept in main pocket of left pouch.
x3 25' Reel of wire: Used for traps and tripwires, Ishi keeps this in his left hip pouch.
Combat Style

Jutsu Information
Abilities: 1/3

Sakebi Bloodline

Less of a Kekkei Genkai than a specialized Hijutsu, members of the Sakebi family are able to give their chakra the specialized ability to absorb, convert, and move kinetic energy with which it comes in contact, and then turn it back against an opponent user as pure, unbridled energy. Generally, Sakebi chakra with this ability imbued into it is colorless, seeming to ripple the air it occupies, and that which surrounds it.

Combat Style: In Combat, Ishi tends to use his defensive techniques and high levels of chakra and pain tolerance to wear down an opponent before they can wear him down. He tends to think quickly, analyze on the fly, and when an opponent is getting too worn down to defend properly, Ishi will make his move. He has no qualms with attacking when an opening comes up, or to gather information, but mostly sticks to defense until the opponent makes a mistake. The exception is if Ishi is fighting a poison user. Ishi will be patient, but persistent and aggressive.




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