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Mission Templates
Topic Started: Dec 24 2008, 01:46 PM (5,998 Views)
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For Players:
[b]Character/s[/b]: Post a link to the characters and/or team

[b]Hidden Village[/b]: What village do you want it to be in?

[b]Mission Rank[/b]: The rank of the mission (D-S).

[b]Other:[/b] Any specific types? Anything that you want to get? etc Please use this field to indicate Org or Team missions. No Dante.

[b]Other Missions: [/b] Do you have any other missions going on? With ALL characters, not just the one taking the mission!

TO ALL MODS: If you claim a mission, you must post within TWENTY-FOUR HOURS of your claim or it will be deleted.

For Mods:
[b]Mission Rank[/b]: The mission rank the member requested

[b]Hidden Village/Country Assigning Mission[/b]: The Village

[b]Post Time Limit[/b]: 96 hours

[b]Detail[/b]: Please state a brief detail on the mission.

[b]Pass[/b]: Please put what is required to pass

[b]Additional Objectives:[/b] Anything else the participants may want to do for a gain of one[1] or two[2] more points. These are not required to pass.

[b]Failure[/b]: Please put what will cause failure upon the mission.

[b]Mission Location[/b]: The topic in which you create to commence the mission.
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