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Active Topics
  Title Topic Starter Forum Replies Views Topic Info
Regular The Road to Mastery
Shen and Yato
Ivory Peacock Wind Country 0 9
Today, 1:16 AM
Last Post By: Ivory Peacock
Regular Tipping the Scales
Yato and Kaguza
Fake Other Countries 7 69
Today, 1:05 AM
Last Post By: Kaguza
Regular May Bio and Rp Payout
Niro Mod Payout 5 180
Yesterday, 11:54 PM
Last Post By: Kao
Regular Wu, Shen
The Hydra
Ivory Peacock Registration 16 249
Yesterday, 8:56 PM
Last Post By: Pitch
Regular Together We Fall
Guest Advertising 0 4
Yesterday, 8:38 PM
Last Post By: Guest
Regular Dasu, Kagen
Bonreu Registration 4 207
Yesterday, 6:13 PM
Last Post By: Bonreu
Regular [Plotboard] A Strange Trail
Fake Other Countries 2 41
Yesterday, 5:10 PM
Last Post By: Fake
Regular hahahahahahha
Fake Introductions & Departures 2 39
Yesterday, 3:35 PM
Last Post By: Valkier
Regular Heroes Reborn [jcink]
Guest Advertising 0 8
Yesterday, 3:03 PM
Last Post By: Guest
Regular Searching for shadows
[Closed] Meth and Zao
Zao Other Countries 1 16
Yesterday, 2:51 PM
Last Post By: Fake
Regular By Tooth and Claw Dragons
Guest Advertising 0 6
Yesterday, 2:43 PM
Last Post By: Guest
Locked Hyuuga, Taku
Kao Konohagakure Archives 0 7
Yesterday, 2:29 PM
Last Post By: Kao
Locked [Accepted]Hyuuga, Taku
Konoha Genin
Red X Completed 6 43
Yesterday, 2:29 PM
Last Post By: Kao
Locked [Denied]Kogami
A-Rank Henchman
Fake Completed 3 41
Yesterday, 1:17 PM
Last Post By: Niro
Regular [PB]Journey to the land of bullmen
Zao and Wright - Thread two
Zao Other Countries 11 159
Yesterday, 1:12 PM
Last Post By: WrightJustice
Regular A Beginner's Guide to Saigen!
Fake Member Section 3 41
Yesterday, 11:43 AM
Last Post By: Fake

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