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The world has entered a state of relative peace in recent years, and it seems the darker members of society have been quiet, with little activity coming from them. The villages haven't made any large announcements, though Kumogakure-no-Sato does have an aspiring young Jounin taking the qualifying exams to become Raikage.

Basics Genma is currently being sealed inside Kirigakure Genin, Kindachi Daimaru. A new swordsman has been recruited into Kirigakure's SSM.
Lots of changes including a 9th stat system, immortality and elemental bosy rules, training renown. Look here for more.

Mod Organization has changed, check here for more information.

Dragons have returned, Fusion limitations lifted, MN clan changes. Look here for more information.

EVENT CHANGE! July's tourney will now be in August and August's event will be in July.
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