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The world has entered a state of relative peace in recent years, and it seems the darker members of society have been quiet, with little activity coming from them. The villages haven't made any large announcements, though Kumogakure-no-Sato does have an aspiring young Jounin taking the qualifying exams to become Raikage.

Basics Genma is currently being sealed inside Kirigakure Genin, Kindachi Daimaru. A new swordsman has been recruited into Kirigakure's SSM.

Hosted by Nafan
Dragons has returned, Fusion limitations lifted, MN clan changes. Look here for more information.

Organization/Village renown was completely overhauled. Look here for more information.

The Rank-up rules have all been changed, you can find more information HERE.

The rules were recently updated to reflect all the recent changes we've made, so if you haven't been here in a while be sure to check out the new rules. All the information you need for NSRP at it's base is located on the first rule page, while advanced information for people more familiar with the system should check out the Advanced Rules.

Revamp scooping has ended for anyone not returning to the site, Revamps are still on-going; please contact one of the staff if you need assistance.
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Regular Forum Announcements
Important announcements will be here.
Birthday Announcement Feb 25 2015, 06:49 AM, By ultimategirlninja
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Regular Forum Introductions and Departures
Are you new? If so, post here to show yourself off to the community. Don't worry, we don't bite. Do you have to take a break from role playing? If so, post here to tell us about your leave.
Fuuton OP Today, 1:00 PM, By Finsternisia
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Regular Forum General Discussion
Here lies the general discussion for whatever you want to post about!
MAFIA SIGN UP! [Nafan's Super Cool Mafia] Today, 2:00 PM, By Buttface
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Subforums: Spam Games, The Arts, Writing and Literature Discussion, Advertising, Events and User Stores
Regular Forum Help & Suggestions
Help us, help you.
Speed and Strength Feb 24 2015, 05:06 PM, By Chief Executive Onu
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Subforums: Resolved


Regular Forum Rules
Here are the rules.
Rules Table of Contents Dec 19 2014, 09:21 AM, By NSRP
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Read-only Forum Registration
Here's where you get your stuff approved.
Wen, Karliah Today, 2:27 AM, By Shikon
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Subforums: Character Registration, Companion Registration, Clan Registration, Modifications, Customs
Read-only Forum Archives
This is where accepted and denied profiles are kept.
[Denied]Toukai Kasai Today, 9:14 PM, By Amy
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Subforums: Finished Applications, Character Archives, Clan Archives, Companion Archives
Regular Forum Jutsu Archives Jujutsu Nov 15 2014, 08:43 PM, By Archives
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Subforums: Style Archives, Elemental Jutsu

Role Play General

Regular Forum Role Play Discussion
Here you can discuss various aspects of the roleplay. This is where you should ask any questions you have about dos & don'ts.
Another Seedy Bar Today, 11:19 PM, By Meth
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Subforums: Social/Lonely Grading, Moderator Payout, OOC Battles, Clubhouses, Resolved
Regular Forum Team Creation
Plan and Register your teams here.
Konoha's Ino-Shika-Cho Mar 1 2015, 11:18 PM, By Mino
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Subforums: Organization Creation, Defunct Teams

Role Play

Regular Forum Mission Assignments
Register for missions for any country, missing-nin or otherwise, here.
D-Ranked Mission Contract Today, 3:30 AM, By Meth
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Subforums: Taken Missions, Successful Missions, On Hold Missions, Failed Missions
Regular Forum Fire Country
The Fire Country, located nearly center on the continent, is a tree-dense land, filled with various canyons and waterfalls throughout the many forests. This is home to the famed Konohagakure no Sato, or Hidden Leaf Village, and the leader, the Hokage.
A Yama-Nara Combo Today, 12:06 AM, By Die2Days
2 viewers Topics: 1,381 Replies: 19,959
Subforums: Konoha
Regular Forum Lightning Country
The Lightning Country, located in the northern portions of the continent, is a very mountainous place. Often met with snow, this is home to Kumogakure no Sato or, The Village Hidden in the Clouds, and the village leader, the Raikage.
Learn to Fly Today, 7:50 PM, By Brent
0 viewers Topics: 774 Replies: 11,478
Subforums: Kumo
Regular Forum Rock Country
Dominating the frozen northern wastes of the continent, Rock Country's borders begin at the dramatic uplift known as the Owari plateau. Beyond its southernmost mountain range lies what little arable land and resources the country has to offer, tended to by its hardened populace, people once renowned for their military prowess, now decidedly less so in an era of peace. Nevertheless, few foreigners enter Rock Country on anything but business, and those that do are usually wise to avoid picking fights while doing it.
Good Bye My Love Today, 11:17 PM, By C.J,
0 viewers Topics: 713 Replies: 9,892
Subforums: Iwa
Regular Forum Water Country
The Water Country is located to the far east of the continent. Composed of several hundreds islands, large and small, natives to the country are accustom to the yearly rain falls. Met often with various tsunamis and hurricanes, the largest and central island is home to Kirigakure no Sato, or The Village Hidden in the Mist, and the village leader, the Mizukage.
Hey, Spiky Head! Today, 9:35 PM, By FluffyGinja
0 viewers Topics: 1,066 Replies: 14,977
Subforums: Kiri
Regular Forum Wind Country
The Wind Country, located in the north-west of the continent, is an enormous desert. Covered in dunes that get almost no rain every year, the Wind Countries name is very fitting. With harsh conditions, people still inhabit Sunagakure no Sato, or The Village Hidden in the Sand, with their village leader, the Kazekage.
Do I Know You? Today, 1:19 PM, By Kabu
0 viewers Topics: 714 Replies: 8,083
Subforums: Suna
Regular Forum Other Countries
Anything happening in the countries not listed above will be roleplayed here.
The Cruelest Dream: Reality Today, 3:02 AM, By Thatguy
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