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Any good movies lately?
Well, I just got a couple movies from hollywood video. All of which are pretty great.

The cable guy: Haven't seen it yet, but Jim Carrey is always a riot.

Reptilicus: It's a movie with a monster PUPPET! HE SHOOTS GREEN SLIME TOO! HOW EPIC IS THAT!

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra: Filmed in skeletorama!

This movie is funny as hell.

I'm gonna have a good night tonight.

What's your favorite game?
Speaking of mystery dungeon, there is a closing sale going on at hollywood video and they have red rescue team for only 10 bucks I think, you think I should get it?

NightmareShadow's Wrath
Well, ok then :D

Welcome to our happy little home and I do hope you enjoy your stay.

I am the Doktor, the odd job, INFORMATION! (sorry, that was a random ROTF quote)

The Break Room
Well, what we have here is a general chat sort of deal. Any kind of discussion is allowed, but please keep it respectable.

How's everyone doing today?

The Doktor's Art.
Took A while, but I finally got those pictures off that damn camera, so without further ado, I present to you all, the Iron wing Squadron Mortar Predator.

Made entirely out of.....LEGO! (SHUT UP! It's much better than it sounds)

Posted Image
This first image is just him showing off his emeralds in Robot mode, see if you can spot all four.
Posted Image
Action Pose
Posted Image
Neutral Pose
Posted Image
Epic Pose
Posted Image
Jet mode (Yes, he can transform, I never intended it though, it did that on its own :D )
Posted Image
Frontal View
Posted Image
Side View
Posted Image
Aerial View

Black Water created by tiptopolive of IDS