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Do you like to read?
I love to read, I read things everyday. I find a whole lot of interesting books at my volunteer site, and seeing as I can price 20+ dollar books for 50 cents, I jump on chances to get new stuff to read.

So anyway, any of you guys like reading?

Favorite Tv shows
I don't know if you can count these as "tv shows"

But I love watching the comics on comedy central.

The Doktor is in
How bout "mir" or "sam"?

Grand Opening!
Yep, I was just really eager to move in :D

Now I need to get my profile all situated and my work will be complete.

L is here
I see, still mildly intriguing.

Who's your favorite character?
I'm gonna have to go with all of them for right now 'till I see an episode. :D

Favorite Tv shows
Well lets see.

Comedy: Daily show and Colbert report, Yes, Dear, According to Jim, Home Improvement, Scare Tactics

animation: (do not judge me) Flapjack, Ben 10 Alien force, Megas XLR, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Robot Chicken
Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Misc: Deadliest Warrior, Dirty Jobs, Mythbusters, Time Warp, Ghost hunters, Destination Truth.

Grand Opening!
*looks over from last unpacked box* Already done.

Cat. I'm a kitty cat
Hey there, Cat.

L is here
Oh, this is about the Navy? I thought it was about cops :D

That makes me more intrigued. Anyway, Hi L!

What's your favorite game?
Action Adventure: God of War 2

Shooter: Halo 2

Puzzle: Tetris

Sports: *hisssssss*

Action: Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal.

The Doktor is in


Grand Opening!
I do like posting and I do like fun. I think I shall like this place. Its nice and cozy :D

The Doktor is in
Hello Hello Hello.

You probably all know who I am, so I say unto you all.

Hi guys, girls, wassup?

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