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New members!
Links will hopefully help. I've added a banner to a few of my forum profiles. And also, I believe this should be somewhere else. ;) I shall move it into it's proper place.

Okay Folks, here's the current ranking system. Please note that it will probably change when we start getting many more posts. ;)

Trainee-Starting rank

Probie-20 Posts

Medical Examiner-40 posts

Foresnic Specialist-60 posts

Liason Officer-80 posts

Field Agent-100 posts

Senior Field Agent-120 posts

Do you like to read?
I'm a huge fan of the Redwall series. Very well written. So yes, I like reading.

Any good movies lately?
I haven't been to the theather in quite a while. But the most recent movie I've seen is Night At The Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian. I thought that was hiralious!

Who's your favorite character?
Jan 24 2010, 09:11 AM
Doktor Horde... We must get you to a television set... Or youtube. Either way you must see the awesomeness that is NCIS
Yes, yes you must.

Grand Opening!
Eh, don't worry about it Cat. ;)

Favorite Tv shows
Let's see....

Psych's pretty good, as is Bones and Murder She Wrote.

For animation, you can't beat Sonic Sat-AM. Seriously, that show is win. Pokemon's pretty good, at least the first five seasons. I also like the first few seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh. Voltron's as epic as anime gets, though for a bit of lulz, Excel Saga is a nice choice. Then there are the Disney Cartoons from the 80s-90s.....

Grand Opening!
*blinks* Wow...that was quick.

What's your favorite game?
Alrighty people, time to tell you my favorite game:

Super Smash Bros Brawl.

I am also a fan of:

Sonic Unleashed
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Sky.

L is here
Doktor Horde
Jan 23 2010, 10:12 PM
Oh, this is about the Navy? I thought it was about cops :D

It's about Navy Cops. ;) So, I guess both.

The Doktor is in
*raises eyebrows*

I am not an army general. :D

Grand Opening!
Awesome! Make yourself at home!

The Doktor is in
Hey Horde! Welcome aboard! Glad to have ya here!

Who's your favorite character?
I sincerly believe that Ziva owns. I mean, think about it-tough attitude, awesome personality. And that knife-throwing ability of hers? One word: Epic.

What's your favorite game?
You know the drill here: What game do you like best?

Grand Opening!
Why, of course!

Cat. I'm a kitty cat
Awesome! And again, I say, welcome!

Cat. I'm a kitty cat
Hey Cat, (mind if I call you that?) welcome aboard! Glad to have ya here! ;)

L is here
Hey, welcome aboard L! Glad to have ya here!

Favorite Episode?
Yes, it's time for the classic 'What's Your Favorite Episode Thread!' Post which one (or more) of the many NCIS episodes you like best. Don't forget to explain why, though. ;)

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