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1. You must respect all Staff and Members

2. Your posts must be in English. Now, we understand that people make mistakes and we are willing to give a little leeway, but constantly posting in chat speak (E.I: lol u ur awsm) will not be tolerated.

3. Flaming (insults towards a member) is not allowed.

4. Spam (Stupid, Pointless, Annoying Messages) is not allowed.

5. Trolling is not allowed.

6. We have zero tolerance for pornographic materials. Any member caught posting such, in any format, will be IP banned on sight. NO EXCEPTIONS.

7. You are allowed to create one, and only one account. Extras will be deleted. The only exception would be if you were sharing computers with someone. However, before someone else joins using your computer, you must PM one of the Global Moderators/Administrators and tell them of the situation before that second account can be allowed.

8. No mini-modding. In other words, if you see a member breaking a rule, don't confront them personally. Use the report button and let the mods deal with it.

9. Double posting is not allowed, except in art/writing topics by the topic’s original author.

10. Keep on topic. This also runs in the same category as 'No Spamming.'

11. If a topic is more than two months old, do not post in it, unless you have something worthwhile to add to the discussion.

12. Mild swearing is allowed, but excessive swearing is not. Also, there will be no use of sexual language. In other words, keep it PG, please.

14. No posting of illegal material. (E.I: Don't post telling how to hack a game. Such posts/topics will be deleted and the offender warned)

15. Have fun!

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