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GetBackers is a Manga series that began in 1999 by writer Yuya Aoki and artist Rando Ayamine, and ran for 39 volumes until its conclusion in 2007. It has been adapted into a popular Anime series as well as several video games. It takes the simple premise of two teenage boys who work as Retrievers, hired guns who will recover anything that's been stolen from you...for the right price. The story has a deep and complex plot buried underneath it and is an engaging and entertaining series with a little something for everyone.

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Topic Started: Sep 25 2009, 03:23 PM (578 Views)
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GB Manga Whore

Not sure where to put this, so...this is good enough.

Maybe it's because the comics I read online are always Japanese, and almost always either available on sites like OneManga or downloadable in .zip archives...but I just discovered there is apparently a file format, as well as several programs designed to read this format, specifically for comics. They're basically no different than your standard built-in image viewer that comes with 99.99999999999% of computers by default, but the options and viewing formats are tailored to a medium where you're meant to be reading as a 'book' - two pages, side by side (the same way I scan my GB scans because it's faster and easier even if it bends the binding). I don't know how many people would be interested in that, but it seems like a cool idea for me.

And the best part is that you don't have to scour the internet for downloads in that particular format...it's as easy as downloading a .zip file and renaming the extension to .cbz (if it comes in a .rar file, change it to .cbr). Then you can open it in an application designed for these files. I've got Linux on my laptop, so I downloaded a program called Comix that seems really nice (it even has a Manga mode to put pages in the proper right-to-left format), but it doesn't seem to be available for other operating systems. The best one for Windows seems to be ComicRack, and then there's one available for MacOSX, as well as Windows and Linux (but it doesn't look as nice) called Comical. Be sure to check out the screenshots.

Anyways, I just thought maybe since I never knew about this before, I wasn't the only one, and thought I'd share. It seems like a better way of reading downloaded Manga without sites such as OneManga, without having to extract the .zip files and organize them properly - I've had problems like this quite often when downloading a batch and wanting to put several chapters into the same folder; some chapter file names are just '1', '2', '3' for each chapter so you overwrite the previous unless you manually and tediously change them, or ones by different scanning groups will have different names so your image viewer, reading them alphabetically, will not read the pages in order...etc. This way all you have to do is rename the extension and then read!! I think I'll try doing this from now on, as sometimes it's easier for me to download .zip files of Manga rather than using sites like OneManga (particularly at home, where I have dial-up, and it's overall quicker to wait for a .zip to download than it is to wait for each image to load individually, painfully slow, while I'm hanging in the suspense of the last page and left waiting).

Screenshot of Comix running on my laptop:
Spoiler: click to toggle

For those reading my GB scans...well, it might not make a terribly big difference, since I already scan in the double-page format, but it's still a convenient way to read Manga the way most scanslation sites will package their releases. I'm definitely going to read this way from now on. :)
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That. Is awesome.
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