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School Stuff
Topic Started: Sep 2 2009, 11:19 AM (293 Views)
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GB Manga Whore

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn you guys this board is fuckin' dead. And seeing off-topic so utterly devoid of discussion makes me sad. D:

So!! It's back to school time for a lot of us, at least here in the Western hemisphere. Talk about your back to school stuff!! Classes, teachers, your goals for the semester/year, etc. Basically, let's just get a little non-Anime related banter on this board. A relaxed environment where everyone can be themselves may warrant further reason for people to join (or, for those who are members, give reason to stick around/come by more often).

I'll update with mine later. I don't want to copy/paste the same thing I wrote on IGNO/YDB, but I've still only had 3 of my 4 classes so far. I've got the fourth in about an hour, so I'll see what I can toss up either tomorrow or when I get home, depending how lazy I am.
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Well, I'm doing Joint Enrollment this school year. I have Intermediate Spanish I until early October, then Intermediate Spanish II starts late October, ends in December. And I have an Introduction to Film class that ends in December. I should be sending my college applications in this fall, before the scholarship deadline in January.

I'm also taking a high school Physics class, and I hate it. My Physics teacher is my least favorite teacher.

I really like my Spanish teacher. She's really nice and makes the class really fun.

I also like my Film teacher. She's very enthusiastic about her subject, even if she gets us mixed up with her other film classes. ^_^

At the college, I get really annoyed that whenever they have something that would be nice to attend or would be fun, it'd either on the day where I have six hours worth of Spanish and Film (three hours each), with a ten minute opening dedicated to walking between the buildings and thus no time to attend the event, or on a day where I have to be back home with the computer with the good internet so I can do the blasted Physics work. I missed out on the Recreational/Health Wellness event that they had, I know I'm going to miss out on the Club Fair, and I probably won't be able to attend Film Club meetings, even though I really want to.

And this Joint Enrollment is introducing me to a problem that I didn't know I was going to have: money managing. I have no job, and any money I get is given to me by my mother. Buying food in the Student Center to tide me over seemed to be going well, until we realized I was down to 6 dollars when I was given 30 dollars after two/three weeks. Despite telling me it's a problem, my mother wasn't exactly forthcoming with comforting advice.

So . . . . that's my school life right now.
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GB Manga Whore

So I finally got un-lazy enough to write this up.

deviantART Journal
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