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Shido Fuyuki
Topic Started: Jul 28 2009, 08:31 PM (443 Views)
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GB Manga Whore

You guys don't have to be too shy to make new topics on this board, y'know!! The Characters section especially is a great place to toss around thoughts, opinions, questions and just general discussion on your favorite characters.

I thought I'd make one about Shido, as he's the central figure in the arc I'm currently rereading the Kiryuudo arc), and probably has the most development of anyone in the early volumes, so those who are reading my scans can probably formulate opinions on him as well.

Personally, I like Shido, though he's never really been one of my favorites (like Ban, Emishi and Himiko). I'd love to have his abilities, though, because I love animals and I think it would be really neat to be able to talk to them and ask them for favors in exchange for food and a place to live. I also relate to his loneliness, because I myself spent most of my life feeling that humans are worthless and that friendship was overrated, and I always did consider my cats to be the only ones who understood me for a long time. But like Shido, I've learned to open myself up more since I've met people who 'lit up the darkness in my soul' (the little motif that's repeated a lot in the early Kiryuudo arc about Shido and Madoka).

Overall, I think Shido is a lot like Ban, which is probably why they hate each other so much...they've definitely both got a best friend complex for Ginji, and since they're too stubborn to get along, they're always fighting. They have similar bad attitudes and course language...and spikey hair!! I think Shido's a little more laid back than Ban, though. Ban has a hyperactive side and is pretty much rude to everyone...Shido's a loner, a bit rough around the edges, but the only person he's ever really a jerk to is Ban (whereas Ban has an insulting nickname for almost every character, because he's just that nice :P ). He also seems to have more sense than the often childish Ban and will stop arguing (eventually) when he realizes fighting with Snake Freak isn't worth it. I also love how Shido and Emishi have the same kind of bond as Ban and Ginji, with Shido being the Ban-like member of the duo, and Emishi being like Ginji, only with a Kansai accent and a lot more bad jokes. :P But besides Madoka, even if you don't think of it romantically, he definitely has a very strong and special bond with Emishi, and with Ginji. I think those three are probably the ones he would call his best friends...and possibly Kazuki. He and Hevn seem to get along very well, too, though that's more of a business relationship (despite the things Ban imagines ^^; ), like two really friendly co-workers.

So, what do you all think about Shido?
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I adore Shido. He and Ban are totally battling it out for my favorite character slot. I relate more to Shido than I do to Ban, though not really to the extent that it sounds like SG2 can. I totally can understand why he'd prefer animal company to human company, and I love it when he and Ban fight.

Shido's cool. Nuff said.
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Not a big fan of Shido. In the final arc, he was the most useless character there. As powerful as he was boosted to be he turned out to be quite pathetic in m opinion.
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. . . . *twitches*

While I understand you're entitled to your opinion . . . .


Shido's awesome! *crosses arms and pouts*

(The above's more of a joke than anything else, but) Shido's my favorite character, even if Ban and Emishi and Juubei are pretty high on the list. And Akabane, too. . . . But Shido's definitely my favorite. As you can probably tell from the Shido avatar and Shido banner in the signature, and the chatbox icon. . . .

My only real disappointment in him isn't really a disappointment in his character, but just the yaoi fangirl side of me mourning the loss of current yaoi potential, because all his potential has to be dated PRE series in order for it to be logical. Not that I need logic as a fangirl, but it's nice to have.
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