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Welcome to Mugenjo - Infinity Fortress, a discussion forum for all things GetBackers.

GetBackers is a Manga series that began in 1999 by writer Yuya Aoki and artist Rando Ayamine, and ran for 39 volumes until its conclusion in 2007. It has been adapted into a popular Anime series as well as several video games. It takes the simple premise of two teenage boys who work as Retrievers, hired guns who will recover anything that's been stolen from you...for the right price. The story has a deep and complex plot buried underneath it and is an engaging and entertaining series with a little something for everyone.

We hope you will enjoy what our board has to offer, be you a fan of the Manga, the Anime, or a newbie who looks to get into the series for the first time. We look forward to seeing you around!!

--Mugenjo Forum Staff

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Juubei Kakei

Posted by SG2 (Head Admin) at Aug 23 2009, 04:18 PM. 5 comments

Kazuki's lover best friend needs a thread of his own, too, right?

Discuss Juubei here. :D

Kazuki Fuuchouin

Posted by SG2 (Head Admin) at Aug 15 2009, 12:44 PM. 8 comments

Well, I know PWR is crazy about him, and a large number of GB fangirls just looooooove Kazuki...

I myself never saw the appeal, if it's as far as his appearance goes (long hair, a pretty face, and an elegant fighting style are fine, but come on, I've gotta draw the line at those womanly child-birthing hips of his!!)...I've just never been fond of the overly girly guys, personally.

His fighting style is certainly unique, though out of all the GB characters somehow I find his...hardest to accept, I guess? The things he can do just with some harp string and finger vibrations, namely. I've seen other series' where characters use wire as a weapon (like...what's his name...from Weiss Kruz...), but the way Kazuki can make whirlwinds and shields and make string rain down on people?! I'm sorry, it's just really hard to accept, which probably sounds weird in a series where a guy can mimic animals and another can harness electricity and yet another hides scalpels inside his body...but at least the way they use their weapons and abilities makes sense. To me, if you're fighting with string, it shouldn't be able to do some of the stuff he can make it do...though things like setting up barriers, slicing people with it, or Bond of Total Darkness, are a little more realistic. It's the other stuff I have a hard time getting on board with.

Anyways, Kazuki is pretty cool, other than that, and I like his personality. He's very polite and overall a 'nice guy' type, but when he's in battle, he shows no mercy (in other words, different kinda 'nice guy' than Ginji). Even aside from the elegance and feminine appearance, he reminds me of Kurama from Yuu Yuu Hakusho personality-wise, for those same reasons. Okay, so maybe Kazuki can't transform into a demonic fox when he really wants to kick ass, but when Kazuki gets down to business he can be really fucking badass. And this is a guy with a pretty delicate frame and fighting with strings. I guess he wasn't known as The Prince of Terror back in the pre-VOLTS days for nothing, and he sure earned his place among the Four Emperors.

I just wish he'd stop wearing such frilly, feminine clothing...he wasn't so bad early in the series, and he actually looked masculine in the I.L. arc (I mean, yeah, typical prettyboy Bishounen, but if I dived into the Manga in I.L. I wouldn't mistake him for a girl...like I did when he was first introduced in Vol. 3... >.>; ). He looked believably male, and I think the outfit was a big part of it, though his face also started to look more masculine towards the middle of the arc (his Vol. 6 character profile even says 'he's been acting more manly recently'). His absence during the Venus arc seemed to be his downfall, though, considering that if an artist goes roughly 2 1/2 volumes without drawing a character, he'll have to readjust his design when he reappears...but...come on...the frilly shirt he gets in Divine Design (same as the outfit he always has in the Anime, pretty much), with the no-shoulders...and the fact that he all but wore a dress in the pre-VOLTS days flashbacks...his 'Orpheus' outfit was the most masculine thing he ever wore...but still...those hips...

Aaaanyways, thoughts on Kazuki?


Posted by Kane (Super Member) at Aug 13 2009, 07:15 PM. 3 comments

I just read the chapter that explains Makubex's name, and the first part of the chapter where we actually get to listen to him talk.

I have no idea what he's talking about with the Lens thing, but he doesn't SOUND like a psychopath, but he also let the Ayame Magami do that sick crap to those poor people. What's this guy's deal? He's kind of cute, though.

Himiko Kudo

Posted by SG2 (Head Admin) at Aug 7 2009, 06:38 PM. 2 comments

Slowly, the character section is being populated, though I think it'd help if other members would make some threads too...geez, we got a ton of members opening week thanks to PWR's fantastic advertisements, but it's like only 5 of them cared enough to stick around... *sigh*

Anyways. Himiko Kudo, one of the first recurring main characters introduced, in typical GetBackers fashion, as a villain before coming over to 'the good guy side' (though in the GB world, it's not so much about 'good' or 'bad' as it is what particular job you're on, though wanting to kill the main character usually leans more towards bad, reasons aside...). She's introduced in the third arc of the Manga and the second arc of the Anime (unless you count the Anime's episode 1 being filler as an arc, though I suppose they crammed the Manga's 3 chapters of intro arc into one episode...). Despite the pretty deep shit situations the boys got themselves into in the previous two arcs before this one, Himiko's appearance signaled the first appearance of a character you just knew would return in later arcs as something of an anti-hero (though she seems to forget her goal to kill Ban pretty quickly). Even Akabane, also introduced in the same arc, is played more as a standard villain, albeit a fucking badass one, though without the same implications that he'd be connected to the main cast as strongly, unlike Himiko.

For those of you only familiar with one version of the series (Anime vs. Manga), it's probably important to note that like Shido and Kazuki, most of Himiko's character development happens in later story arcs and she seems a lot more like a side character (and often damsel in distress, even) in the Anime version. A lot of her more badass action scenes and examples of character development are cut, leaving Anime Himiko (by my opinion, of course, but not unjustified) quite a bit more typical as a sidekick character. Even her more ethnic appearance and implications of the Manga seem to be cropped out of the Anime, in which she looks like your standard caucasian blue-haired* Anime girl with a five-pointed star tattoo on her cheek...in the Manga, she's dark-skinned, and the tattoo is actually the six-pointed Star of David/Hexagram symbol, giving a little more mystery to her connections to black magic and witchcraft as early as her first appearance.

*In the past I often commented on Himiko's hair as another big change from the Manga, and though the texture/style is drawn much differently in the Anime, I recently discovered that in color pages of the Manga as well as the video games, Himiko's hair was intended to be blue/purple in the original, as well. Not that unusual hair colors are odd in GB, though it's not nearly as baffling a case of Kazuki, whose hair is brown in the Anime, but either purple/blue in the Manga (and the games) or, in some color pages, a very strange shade of orange...

As with all character threads, please keep spoilers in spoiler tags. For the record, as of this post, I'm only as far as Vol. 27, right at the beginning of the Voodoo Child arc, so I do not yet know all the secrets about Himiko's past...I developed a few new theories based on Vol. 27, but since that's pretty spoilerific, instead I'm going to share a different theory I developed fairly recently, as well, but before reading Vol. 27 and unrelated to its events.

Spoiler: click to toggle

And finally...just so I can say something outside the massive collection of spoiler tags...I didn't initially like Himiko when she was first introduced, but around Vol. 8 or so, I started to really think she was cool. She reminds me a lot of one of my all-time favorite female characters, Fuko Kirisawa (from my pre-GetBackers favorite Manga, Flame of Recca; ironically, Vol. 8-ish is when I decided I liked GB more than FoR, because the latter was locked in the deadly 'endless and boring tournament arc' at the time), and when she started to do a few more kick-ass things (some of which unfortunately the Anime removed or totally played down...NGH) and wear more tomboyish outfits like the sweatshirt/jacket thing in Vol. 7-9, I started to like her more. Also this was when Emishi was still one of the bad guys, so he hadn't yet climbed up my favorite characters ladder (the Venus arc is when he shined for me). >.>;

Ban > Emishi > Himiko. Yeah, she has her fare share (or more) of fanservice moments with her outfits always managing to get so ripped that she's half-naked in every single major fight she gets into (even Fuko didn't have as many fanservice moments), but she was more than just fanservice, unlike a certain big-breasted tagalong who I didn't start to look at in a redeeming fashion until very recently (I'll need to make a Hevn thread to rant about why I'm starting to respect her more lately)...and besides the deadly all-purpose perfumes, she's clearly got some decent general martial arts/street fighting skills as well, evidenced by how she fights under the influence of Acceleration Scent. I don't think she's as outright cool/badass as female characters like Fuko, but she definitely outshines the token battle females in some of the big and popular series' around these days (like the girls of Bleach and Naruto...they've got nothin' on Himiko). In my eyes, that makes her a pretty cool character.

Ban Mido

Posted by Kane (Super Member) at Aug 2 2009, 08:01 PM. 5 comments

Since a lot of questions I have when I do read GB all have to do with Ban. . . . .

Ban became my favorite character right from the first arc because he was: 1) the calm, collected one (seemingly the brains of the operation), 2) had a tough exterior but you could soft center, 3) and the Evil Eye! That thing is AWESOME!

I've been meaning to do some more research on the Evil Eye like SG2 keeping telling me to, but I haven't had the time. . . . . I'll try to do that this week.

I love how he interacts with Ginji and Shido, and I like his brother-sister relationship with Himiko.

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