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Welcome to Mugenjo - Infinity Fortress, a discussion forum for all things GetBackers.

GetBackers is a Manga series that began in 1999 by writer Yuya Aoki and artist Rando Ayamine, and ran for 39 volumes until its conclusion in 2007. It has been adapted into a popular Anime series as well as several video games. It takes the simple premise of two teenage boys who work as Retrievers, hired guns who will recover anything that's been stolen from you...for the right price. The story has a deep and complex plot buried underneath it and is an engaging and entertaining series with a little something for everyone.

We hope you will enjoy what our board has to offer, be you a fan of the Manga, the Anime, or a newbie who looks to get into the series for the first time. We look forward to seeing you around!!

--Mugenjo Forum Staff

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