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MasterLegit is now a ZetaBoard.

We understand that some of you may not be totally alright with this decision, however come to reason with these statements,

-Better forum control
-More Professional looking skins and visuals
-A REAL new look on master-legit
-Updated hosting, more reliable.

Overall this is a new experience.

Masterlegit is not able to make the full site transfer, for reasons unknown, the server is experiencing difficulties or something.

So mL must begin anew. Starting at 0 Members and 0 Post Count, and it must rebuild.

And this time, mL will not fail. It will prosper.

Remember that the old forum WILL REMAIN OPEN! But the main forums will be disabled and that board will contain a redirecting link to the new forum. In case of a problem with the new site the old board WILL REMAIN FUNCTIONAL!

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