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Mintel Region: Paradise Lost!


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It has been hundreds of years since the days when Team Eclipse terrorized the Mintel Region. The harmony between people and pokemon has been broken after a mysterious plague spread throughout the entire planet. All affected pokemon went into a berserk state, destroying everything in their path. Humanity was able to hold them off for a time with their own pokemon, but soon many of their own became affected. Humanity fled underground, hoping to flee from the same pokemon that were once their friends and partners.

In an effort to save the human species, a group of scientists created the pokemorphs, created with the stored DNA of pokemon mixed with human embryos. "Even if the human species is doomed, through these 'pokemorphs' our legacy can continue" said the scientists leading the project.

Mysteriously, as quickly as the plague started, it ended. As humanity left their underground homes, they found a world in ruin. Not only had the plague run its course, but all the pokemon affected had returned to normal. Humans re-forged the bonds they had with pokemon and the pokemorphs joined humanity in an effort to re-build a ruined region.

Yet, the humans resent the pokemorphs despite being their creators, and the pokemorphs in turn resent humanity. Pokemon have had a strangely negative reaction towards these strange new mixtures of their own DNA with that of humanity. Reconstruction has been slow, and crime is running rampant. Can the three groups of humanity, pokemorphs, and pokemon rebuild a ruined world? Or will the tensions between them tear them apart?
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