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My thoughts On No I In Team
Topic Started: Oct 24 2008, 12:39 AM (418 Views)
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I thought this was a great epi.
Many lessons learned is my feeling.
I was so happy when Mer and Der were together again. I was worried they would be done again.

I think chief realized too that life is what is important.
Not just status of Seattle Grace.
Bailey she was so awesome.
Alex and Izzy wow they will be back together I am happy to see that,

Cristina, whew I hope she will calm down when MCHunky gets with her. Although the promo looked kinda scary about him. We all know they are misleading.

George I don't know where he is at. He is really wrapped up. But I think it is his insecurities. He does not want a relationship at this time. He did all that and failed. Poor Lexie though I feel so bad for her.

Callie and Hahn I am sorry no comment there. To each his own.

But I did love Mark and Callie together that was funny.

Well maybe next week they will all find some loving like the old Greys.

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Surgical Intern
I don't know I am all for Callie and Erica but I don't know and as far as what the residents were doing to there interns was wrong it made me feel like I was watching something out of roots I mean come on guys bailey did not do what they are doing I felt really bad and I think steve is gonna snap at some point christina better watch her back webber dissappoints me because he is letting the need to be #1 cloud his judgements and lesson his will for compassion I hope this changes and I am glad that izz/alex are together yey as for derrick he is not right for doing that to meredeth I agree with bailey she wroked her butt off in this and she got no credit not even a thank you finally my christina yeah she's right she needs a man not a boy to scratch her itch and Dr mchunky is just the guy to do it although I was a little upset that he only had a cameo type appearence at the end but it is all good over all it was good I give it 4 stars ( only because my man was not in at least one scene for a long period of time) ;)
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Great comment Jackie Thanks
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<3 live.laugh.love. <3
well... I thought this episode was pretty good. I like to see a little fire in Mer. Derek needs to understand that she has fire and won't just let him steamline right over her. Bailey is just awesome. She is just perfect in every scene she's in. She's probably the only person who tells everyone like it is and is right about it too! :)

I can't wait for next week! Cristina/Owen :wub: It looks like it's going to be a pretty exciting episode.

I felt bad for the interns too! Bailey needs to set her residents straight. That is not acceptable behaviour... and poor Lexie! George is totally clueless! I agree with Jackie though I think he is not going to want to make the same mistakes again. Not that I think Lexie is a mistake, but I think George is moving very cautiously right now.

Overall a decent episode of Greys....
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I thought the episode was really good....Glad to see Mer/Der happy at least by the end of the show...was worried there for a second
Bailey was awsome!!!..as usual..loved her parts in the episode and glad she made Derek realize that Mereidth atleast deserved a "thank you" from him....I also felt bad to what they were doing to the interns...nd hopefully it doesn't continue that way nd Bailey will set them straight!
I was so happy for Alex/Izzie..Finally!! they're finally together...loved thier scene together
Glad Cristina finally found her man LOL....I think we'll be seeing a lot more of him soon :D
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callie and erica. ew. i am not liking it, and don't think i ever will. i don't mean to offend anyone if they do like them, but it's just my opinion

as for cristina, she really needs someone. she doesn't really tell anybody anything, even meredith if you know what i mean. she tells meredith things, but not in detail. but she always seemed to tell burke. and i miss her having someone. so hopefully this new doctor is someone that will last for a while for her.

the cheif, needs to ease up on seattle grace a little. he can't just expect to go from #12 to #2 over night. and don't rush bailey on the surgeries. he needs some patience. but nothing has really happened with him, and i want to know about him and his wife a little more.

george and lexie, i feel so bad for lexie. george as much as i love him, if i were in lexie's shoes i would be pissed off too. she has a right. it drives me insane that he is so oblivious to what she does for him. then again, she needs to make herself a little more aware that it's george. but she has spoken up, so i really don't know where i stand on that one.

alex and izzie, finally a KISS! i have been waiting for one for a while now. they are really growing as characters, and i am liking it. i have always loved them as a couple.

bailey-- > GREAT AS ANYTHING. i love towards one of the last scenes when seh talks to derek about what to do with meredith, that was the best advice ever. she sure knows what she is doing. and she does so well under pressure with those different surgeries goingon at the same time. then also keeping track of everythingg! i loved what happened with her this week.

fianlly to meredith and derek. i am so proud of them! i understand why meredith got upset. she had every right too. even though she is second year resident, they should get credit too. Now in the scene of this week's episode there is a little fight scene where derek calls meredith a baby. if that had happened in season 3 or 2, 1, or even 4 they would have broken up. they have stupid issues to work throught. but they are getting through them. step by step and little by little, but it is getting done. and that is such an improvement from before. and i was so worried derek was going to sleep at the trailer and they wouldnt talk till work, like usual. but they were happy, and THEY ARE PULLING THROUGH

over all loved everyone, and not so much callie and erica. no comment really. but i lvoed the mark and callie, that was so funny.

sorry this is super long. just wanted to share my thoughts.

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