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I really enjoyed the epi. Welcome back Erika we missed you. I think it was awesome how they parallel all the seasons into this one. Elevator, Bailey and Derek now he is strong and she is not. He was a friend to her now. Izzy and the hospital girl outside how she was like Izzy and told her to live her life. The big room when Chief said the merger that was in the first epi ever of how some will stay and go etc. I think the girl in the boating accident ripped apart showed how they are all at this point per George. But now it is time to try and go on etc... Sorry my head is faster then my fingers LOL. I was too confused on some of this. Not crazy about the merger although I do understand Shonda's point with doing it. To expand the show. It seems as if this is going to be a really intense season. I am excited so much. Alex really showed finally how he cared. Mer and Der I hope it will be a little more of them too. Of course, seems like the rest of the couples are getting all the lovin LOL...
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