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Sep 25 2009, 07:10 PM
I dont know... I kind of was let down... After waiting for what seemed like forever for this week....

I just don't know... I was left really confused... some of the things that happened I just went What the hell... How did Lexie just become a resident... Where was the test that all the interns had to take... why after the accident did the Chief go to Mercy West and not demand to go to his hospital... I could have understood if it was life or death but come on... there was no way he would have gone to Mercy without a fight... and this whole Chief thing... Does Derek still have a chance are they still trying to kick Richard out? are they closing Mercy West down and bringing them all to SGH... Oh so many questions... and then there was did I miss something... durning all the promo there was a song being played I believe it was called sink or swim... did I miss it... I know I had six kids here so I could have missed it but I really liked that song...
the only thing that I am glad is that Derek and Meredith are no longer running a frat house.... and she let him be there for her... she did not kick him out...
I felt the same way...the episode was good but wasn't great, the shock of george being dead wasn't that dramatic to me since we already knew way before he was leaving the show. I also agree that it raised a lot more questions than it kinda answered Lol...it was all over the place!
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