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I dont know... I kind of was let down... After waiting for what seemed like forever for this week....

I just don't know... I was left really confused... some of the things that happened I just went What the hell... How did Lexie just become a resident... Where was the test that all the interns had to take... why after the accident did the Chief go to Mercy West and not demand to go to his hospital... I could have understood if it was life or death but come on... there was no way he would have gone to Mercy without a fight... and this whole Chief thing... Does Derek still have a chance are they still trying to kick Richard out? are they closing Mercy West down and bringing them all to SGH... Oh so many questions... and then there was did I miss something... durning all the promo there was a song being played I believe it was called sink or swim... did I miss it... I know I had six kids here so I could have missed it but I really liked that song...
the only thing that I am glad is that Derek and Meredith are no longer running a frat house.... and she let him be there for her... she did not kick him out...
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