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Ok let me apologize for not participating in the forums for awhile, but my life has been hectic with graduating highschool nd starting college, plus my summer was spent in the dominican republic where I had no access to a computer LOL! Back to Grey's Anatomy lol...I really liked the premeire nd thought it was great! Felt so bad for Callie in thye beginning when she was crying for George nd wen she found out that the chief wasn't goona promote her...poor bailey, I really felt for her this episode since to her it was like losing a family member, the scene in the elevator with derek was touching. Probablyt the highlight of the episode for me was the funeral scene with the gang and they all start to randomly laugh, as wrong as that was it was hilarious LOL...nd derek nd meredith getting caught all the time was funny lol...overall I thought it was a good episode, but I'm not really liking the whole merger with mercy west[also the chief is getting ojn my nerves right now] wat do u guyz think??
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