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<3 live.laugh.love. <3
well... I thought this episode was pretty good. I like to see a little fire in Mer. Derek needs to understand that she has fire and won't just let him steamline right over her. Bailey is just awesome. She is just perfect in every scene she's in. She's probably the only person who tells everyone like it is and is right about it too! :)

I can't wait for next week! Cristina/Owen :wub: It looks like it's going to be a pretty exciting episode.

I felt bad for the interns too! Bailey needs to set her residents straight. That is not acceptable behaviour... and poor Lexie! George is totally clueless! I agree with Jackie though I think he is not going to want to make the same mistakes again. Not that I think Lexie is a mistake, but I think George is moving very cautiously right now.

Overall a decent episode of Greys....
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