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I don't know I am all for Callie and Erica but I don't know and as far as what the residents were doing to there interns was wrong it made me feel like I was watching something out of roots I mean come on guys bailey did not do what they are doing I felt really bad and I think steve is gonna snap at some point christina better watch her back webber dissappoints me because he is letting the need to be #1 cloud his judgements and lesson his will for compassion I hope this changes and I am glad that izz/alex are together yey as for derrick he is not right for doing that to meredeth I agree with bailey she wroked her butt off in this and she got no credit not even a thank you finally my christina yeah she's right she needs a man not a boy to scratch her itch and Dr mchunky is just the guy to do it although I was a little upset that he only had a cameo type appearence at the end but it is all good over all it was good I give it 4 stars ( only because my man was not in at least one scene for a long period of time) ;)
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