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I thought this was a great epi.
Many lessons learned is my feeling.
I was so happy when Mer and Der were together again. I was worried they would be done again.

I think chief realized too that life is what is important.
Not just status of Seattle Grace.
Bailey she was so awesome.
Alex and Izzy wow they will be back together I am happy to see that,

Cristina, whew I hope she will calm down when MCHunky gets with her. Although the promo looked kinda scary about him. We all know they are misleading.

George I don't know where he is at. He is really wrapped up. But I think it is his insecurities. He does not want a relationship at this time. He did all that and failed. Poor Lexie though I feel so bad for her.

Callie and Hahn I am sorry no comment there. To each his own.

But I did love Mark and Callie together that was funny.

Well maybe next week they will all find some loving like the old Greys.

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