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Well I hoped we didn't need anothers BLACK PANTHERS TYPE Organization -- but this is what born the Watts Riots that born the BP's they went armed because the police would not protect them - so for black functions the BPs provided that - and like they weren't corrupted before... they did get arrogant and did a few bad things like steal from the school they setup for children... they some charity work and I think they were also mixed up in drugs if my memory serves me correctly. How many of these attacks have been occurring...? if they are officially sanctioned then - lets collect evidence of such and it appears there was some hostilities that got aggrevated... and the cops hate someone who knows the law... Gary talked way too much... you have the right to remain silent GARY --- Use it and use video to build our protection case... when we demonstrate the police protect us... we file a permit and pay for off duty cops.... lets make a production out of it.... they want to esculate to bodily harm.... lets esculate the scale and tempo... instead of 10 - let do 10 here - 10 here - 10 here all at the same time 360- what would or did gandi do when the british beat him. >>>> ? I dont know... do you...? thats what we need to do... lots of ways of protection... lets use the legal ones.... ok, no violence -- we will suffer -- but its the only way for true change... you cant out gun them so dont even try... when the injustice becomes unbearible - we win....
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