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Quote of FBI Director Robert Mueller:

« The hijackers had no computers, no laptops, no storage media of any kind ».

Some people thought the hijackers would have used a personal computer that enabled them to achieve additional training for flying Boeing 757 or 767 because their training for such aircrafts in flight schools where the hijackers were trained was virtually nonexistent, as reported by the website historycommons.org:


«The FBI will say that the four hijacker pilots never fly real large jets before 9/11 and have a total of approximately 17 sessions on large aircraft simulators, mostly on older models: bullet Both Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi each take two sessions lasting 90 minutes on a Boeing 727 simulator and one session on a simulator for a Boeing 767, the type of aircraft they fly on 9/11 (see December 29-31, 2000); bullet Ziad Jarrah, who flies a Boeing 757 on 9/11, has five sessions on 727s and 737s (see December 15, 2000-January 8, 2001); bullet Hani Hanjour, who flies a Boeing 757 on 9/11, practices for a total of 21 hours on a Boeing 737-200 simulator (see February 8-March 12, 2001). When he learns what the FBI believes is the extent of the hijackers’ training, bin al-Shibh will complain in a fax sent to a reporter after 9/11: “How do aviation experts evaluate the skill with which the aircraft were flown, especially the Pentagon attack—accurate and professional as it was? Is it credible that the executers had never before flown a Boeing? Is it credible they only had some lessons on small twin-engine aircrafts and some lessons on simulators?»

See: "Questions remain on flight training by Ken Kaye Published September 22, 2001"


Quotes of the article's author:

« Thus far, federal investigators have not made any direct links between the terrorists and centers that offer instruction on a 767 simulator, or a 757 simulator for that matter.

You may recall it was a Boeing 757 that crashed into the Pentagon and another 757, thought to be aiming toward the White House, that went down near Pittsburgh.

What must be kept in mind is that if a pilot is trained in either a 767 or a 757, he is equipped to fly both. Boeing specifically designed the cockpits of the two planes to be similar so airlines could reduce training costs.

There are about 50 outlets in the United States that have full-motion 767-757 simulators and several others in Europe. I tried calling a bunch of them and they say it is unlikely the terrorists filtered in because most only train airline pilots.

But some are open to the public.

Interestingly, United Airlines, whose planes were commandeered in the Sept. 11 attacks, had offered the public the opportunity to fly a simulator at its Denver training center under a program called “Pilot-for-a-Day.”

Under one package, the program included a tour of the training center, a one-hour briefing on the cockpit environment and a two-hour 767-simulator flight for $1,750.

But it appears none of the hijackers was ever in Denver to take advantage of the program, which has since been suspended.

Another 767 simulator open to the public is housed at Pan Am International Flight Academy at Miami International Airport. That center might have seemed perfect for the terrorists, considering they nestled into South Florida for much of their basic flight training. But they never approached Pan Am. Neither did they attempt to fly the 767-757 simulators at FlightSafetyBoeing at its Miami training center.

Rather, two of the suspects, including alleged ringleader Mohamed Atta, signed up to take two three-hour sessions in a Boeing 727 simulator at the SimCenter at Opa-locka Airport.

Henry George, the center owner and the instructor-pilot who provided the training, said the suspects told him they were hoping to become airline pilots “in their country.” George said the two, who each had about 300 hours of flight experience in small propeller planes, possessed “average” flight skills.

‘Tricky’ navigating

But did a 727 provide enough experience to operate a 767 or 757? Some pilots don’t think so.

The 727 is a rather old three-engine jet with an old-fashioned cockpit, including a cramped instrument panel loaded down with small dials, knobs and gauges. It would have given the suspects the feel of a big jetliner.

But the 767 and 757 have highly sophisticated “glass cockpits,” featuring video screens and digital readouts, and requiring an advanced level of computer skills.

“To navigate with that glass cockpit, it can be pretty tricky,” says Steven Wallach, a Boca Raton aviation consultant and former airline captain.

A major question that may shed light on the depth of the terrorists’ training, Wallach says, is when they took over the cockpit.

If they took the controls at high altitude and a long distance from their targets, then they likely had considerable training in a 767 or 757. They would have had to descend and navigate to Washington and New York. They would have had to know how to operate the autopilot, as well as other intricate functions, Wallach said. »

« Personally, I think the terrorists received 767-757 training somehow, some way, even if it was from a Microsoft Flight Simulator program on a personal computer. »

For example, there is no known training of Hani Hanjour for flying a Boeing 757 or 767. His only training was for a Boeing 737-200, approximately six months before the attacks of September 11, 2001. Regarding the training of Hani Hanjour With a flight simulator of Boeing 737-200, See:



« February 8-March 12, 2001: Hanjour Practices on Boeing 737 Simulator, but Has Problems

Hani Hanjour practices on a Boeing 737-200 simulator for a total of 21 hours at the JetTech International flight school in Phoenix, Arizona. Hanjour also attends ground school and pays just under $7,500 for the training. Despite only completing 21 of his originally scheduled 34 hours of simulator training, according to the FBI this is the best-trained of the four hijacker pilots (see Spring-Summer 2001). However, an instructor comments: “Student made numerous errors during performance… including a lack of understanding of some basic concepts… Some of the concepts involved in large jet systems cannot be fully comprehended by someone with only small prop plane experience.»

A Trainee Noted for Incompetence:



« Ultimately, administrators at the school told Mr. Hanjour that he would not qualify for the advanced certificate. But the ex-employee said Mr. Hanjour continued to pay to train on a simulator for Boeing 737 jets. ''He didn't care about the fact that he couldn't get through the course,'' the ex-employee said. »

It should be noted that even if Hani Hanjour had accomplished a good training with a flight simulator of Boeing 737-200, this training would not have allowed him to fly a Boeing 757 on September 11, 2001 because in particular the Boeing 737-200 is an old model airplane comparatively to the Boeing 757. See:


Quote: "The 737-200 had its maiden flight on August 8, 1967. It was certified by the FAA on December 21, 1967"


Quote: «The first Boeing 757 was rolled out at Boeing's Renton, Washington facility on January 13, 1982, and completed its maiden flight on February 19 of that year »

Therefore I suppose that the FBI would be unable to explain how Hani Hanjour and other hijackers learned to fly the aircrafts that they are supposed to have hijacked on September 11, 2001.

See also : How the FBI and 9/11 Commission Suppressed Key Evidence about Hani Hanjour, alleged hijack pilot of AAL 77 by Mark H. Gaffney:



«It is also important to realize that even if Hanjour had mastered the controls of a Boeing 737, this would not have qualified him to execute a high-speed suicide crash in a Boeing 757, a significantly larger and less maneuverable aircraft. Such is the view of commercial pilots who fly these planes every day.

One such pilot, Philip Marshall, who is licensed to fly Boeing 727s, 737s, 747s, as well as 757s and 767s, recently authored a book, False Flag 911, in which he states categorically that the alleged 9/11 hijacker pilots, including Hani Hanjour, could never have flown 767s and 757s into buildings at high speed without advanced training and practice flights in that same aircraft over a period of months.»

This gives an indication of the level of training that was necessary with Boeings 757 or 767 so that the hijackers had a chance of succeeding attacks of September 11, 2001.

The level of training for flying a Boeing 767 of Mohamed Atta (the alleged pilot of Flight 11) and Marwan al-Shehhi (the alleged pilot of flight 175) is indicated by the following statement of FBI Director Robert S . MUELLER:


«From December 29, 2000 through December 31, 2000, Al-Shehhi and Atta took flight simulator lessons at Sim Center and Pan Am International. Both signed up for time on a Boeing 727 and a Boeing 767 simulator.»

This training over a period of 3 days therefore took place more than 8 months before the attacks of September 11th, 2001. No other training for flying a Boeing 767 has been reported for the hijackers who are presumed to have crashed this aircraft on the twin towers.

Simulator Recreation Demonstrates Pentagon Attack Impossibility:


Pilots Discuss Difficulty of WTC Attacks:


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