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Bernie big shorts


He in essence admitted it was a "planned" event by the people with "all the money" and that he had to go along with it because it was "too big" for him to be able to do anything about it.

This is not a damning admission of any sort. The fact that he is speculating about the plotters wealth and his relative insignificance in the event is in no way an admission of anything.

He admitted this with a smile on his face and a sort of wink and nudge while trying to distance himself from the planners by stressing how he is a "small man".

What you detected as a ‘sort of wink and a nudge’ was him passing you some sage advice. In my opinion he seemed to be saying that he’s a small man in this catastrophic event, he doesn’t know who the planners were, but he’s a tiny part of the story, this huge event collided with his small world over the highway and that’s all there is to it.

Here is the damning virtual confession as seen in the video. I call it a "virtual confession" because he basically admits involvement while maintaining innocence.

This is sounding dangerously like a witch trial - ‘if she sinks she’s a witch’. Are you really suggesting that if he maintains innocence it is a virtual confession? You need to take a step back and reconsider this. It is absolute folly. You are running an extremely dangerous path here, it will be very easy for people to accuse you of ‘virtual harassment’ if you pursue this line.

Note how he specifically describes himself as having a small lifestyle which is obviously what separates him from the planners.

It most certainly does, whether the planners were a cabal of evil neo-con overlords or they were a cabal of evil international jihadist terrorists, his lifestyle is very different from these people. What’s your point?

And here he explained how he was powerless to stop the operation because it wasn't caught in the beginning:
One thing about it you got to understand something, when people do things and get away with it, you, eventually it's going to come to me, and when it comes to me it's going to be so big I can't do nothin about it.

It doesn’t matter if when he says ‘people do things and get away with it’ he is referring to Bin Laden or Dick Cheney, he’s saying that when ‘you’ come to him regarding the event there’s nothing he can do about it, it’s a colossus event on such a scale that its beyond him.

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