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Odd that Duke is not listed here...
Topic Started: May 5 2017, 08:40 AM (119 Views)

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I have no explanation; but I find it odd that Duke is not among the top 60 (which covers a lot of ground).

However, I do note that Duke consistently strives for diversity among its student body, and adjusts its
admissions to reflect that.

I'm sure that Duke, which boasts that fully half of its student body are persons of color, is proud of that
statistic; though if admissions were based solely on merit, most of the "persons of color" would be of
Asian extraction, due to cultural stress on education in Asian culture.

Ergo, is Duke admitting people on the basis of something other than merit?

If so, doesn't that mean that many meritorious students (mainly of Asian ancestry, but also, as perhaps
reflected above, of Jewish ancestry) are denied admission purely on the basis of their ethnicity?

There are lots of stories of students of Asian ancestry and literally perfect SATs, plus lots of outside activities,
being denied admission to ivy league schools precisely because they are Asian; while students with much
lower schools are accepted.

There are stories of Asian students whose parents change their names to sound more Anglo, so they won't be given away
as Asian. There are stories of students who doctor their applicant photos, for the same reason. "Albert Lee" will therefore not show up as Asian. He MIGHT get in, with perfect SAT scores, except that he will be regarded as "white".

"Albert Fong" will face a much harder road and a much diminished chance of being accepted, even though he is the same person.
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Hypocrisy is the contrivance of a false appearance of virtue or goodness, while concealing real character or inclinations, especially with respect to religious and moral beliefs; hence in general sense, dissimulation, pretense, sham.

In the British Empire, Asians (and all other persons of color) were just considered second-class. There was, at least,
no hypocrisy about it.

I would at least laud a university for honesty if it stated openly that it had quotas for various ethnicities and would discriminate against them; rather than continue the pretense that admissions officers are genuinely open to consider all applicants.

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Number of students by state origin:

North Carolina......

New York...............



New Jersey.............






Duke has a lot of students from New York and New Jersey; that is where a large percentage of both Jews and persons of color reside.

I would find it odd that if you accept a lot of students from those areas, likely fewer than would be statistically expected are Jewish, and more than would be statistically expected are persons of color; and that if you then compared the SAT scores, you would likely find further examples of open discrimination.

This assumption may be wrong; it is only a question.

But if the assumption is not wrong, nevertheless, such forms of discrimination remain quite acceptable in modern society.

In the end, imho, such preferential treatment has weakened the need for educational preparation and regard for education in minority communities, and re-created other forms of discrimination.

And in the end this will warp the fabric of a university, just as the creation and support for Angry Studies will do.

If you want a great educational institution, then you have to uphold great educational standards; and not become a place of trendy political indoctrination and accommodation.

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well Duke is goiing to have to work on this....

Its brodheads fault.
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