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When Joe called Brodhead and left a message
Topic Started: Aug 24 2008, 11:24 PM (613 Views)
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Cheshire confirmed to the authors of this book that he telephoned Brodhead early in the case, leaving a recorded message to the president that reminded him of the presumption of innocence.

"I said, 'You really ought to walk out of the front door of your building and walk down to the law school and walk in there and get somebody to remind you what the presumption of innocence is, because you have a pretty good law school over there,' Cheshire said. "It's just extraordinary to me. I am sure he's a nice man and he's under a lot of pressure, but they really did throw those boys under the bus."

Cheshire added that Duke's stance added to the controversy.

"They just let the world assume these boys were guilty," he said. "And the way they dealt with Coach Pressler, they just took him and just gutted him, as if all of this was his fault. I know the general sometimes gets the blame when things go wrong, but gracious, canceling the season and all that overreaction was amazing and really fed the fire." page 279 It's not about the Truth

When Cheshire left this message I am sure he never suspected some Law Professors would support Nifong's actions.

Law Prof Coleman would speak out against the line-up. However as we found out later from KC "at least four members of the Duke Law faculty, in writing, opposed signing a statement criticizing Nifong’s prosecutorial misconduct."

I highly recommend to all to read Coach Pressler's book, especially now that we know so much about the case.
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From John in Carolina, today :


Sunday, August 24, 2008

My hopes for Duke (Post 1)


First and foremost, I hope this year alums tell the development office and their class officers something like:

“I love Duke."


“We also want to know why Brodhead let the “wall of silence” lie spread, thus adding to the already great danger the players faced from racists and other unstable people living near campus.”

“A lot of us wonder why Brodhead or Steel or someone at Duke didn’t speak out against those vicious ‘activists’ who waved ‘CASTRATE’ and ‘GIVE THEM EQUAL MEASURE” banners and shouted threats at the students on March 26, 2006 right on Duke property?”

“Please don’t get me wrong. I love Duke. And as I say, I want to contribute.”

“I will. As soon as I get satisfactory answers to the questions I’m asking.”


“Somebody at Duke needs to tell us something besides: ‘We made an out of court settlement on that suit and the others so we can’t say anything. Now let’s all move on and support Bob and Dick.’”

“It’s time Duke told us the truth of what happened and what didn't happen.”

“We’re not children. We can handle the truth. We deserve the truth.”
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What Brodhead likely won't mention in his latest book...
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What Brodhead SHOULD have said:

"Since it doesn't matter WHICH whites are punished to reinforce the notion that all whites
are guilty, I herewith offer myself, Joe Avila, and Robert Steele as replacements for the lacrosse players.

"There is as much evidence against us as there is against them.

"Therefore, we will be charged and the trial may proceed.

"When we cannot be identified in the courtroom, nevertheless we will be convicted because "something must have happened".

"This will prove that justice cannot be bought for any price in Durham."
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