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Fates Collide; Events of KotoR, starting from Taris.
Topic Started: Jan 15 2012, 12:30 AM (338 Views)
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" Dum nos spiritus, nos vadum vallo."

Four thousand years before the rise of the Galactic Empire, the Republic verges on collapse. DARTH MALAK, last surviving apprentice of the DARK LORD REVAN, has unleashed an invincible Sith armada upon an unsuspecting galaxy.

Crushing all resistance, Malak's war of conquest has left the Jedi Order scattered and vulnerable as countless Knights fall in battle, and many more swear allegiance to the new Sith Master.

In the skies above the Outer Rim world of Taris, a Jedi battle fleet engages the forces of Darth Malak in a desperate effort to halt the Sith's galactic domination, only now they have unexpected help...

Upper Taris appartments
September 30th, 08:15 Hours



Tilting her head to the side by half an inch, she slowly focuses her gaze on every square inch of the room she's currently in. Her CPU constantly running diagnostics and processing data faster than anything humanly possible. She remains still for just two point three seconds before gracefully moving towards the door, her hand reaching out to key in a security code to override the locking mechanism, granted, she has the strength to completely destroy the durasteel door by punching it repeatedly with her fists, but that wound draw unwanted attention. For now, stealth and subtly are the two key tactics that her CPU has come up with.

"....Human's hiding out with aliens?" A male voice suddenly sneered, as the young woman walked out of the apartment that she had previously been in. "They're republic fugitives!! ATTACK!" He shouted, motioning for the two droids beside him to start firing.


She merely stares at the man in the grey uniform for one point two seconds before she walks up to him, grabs him by the front of his shirt, then slams him into a wall. Her face is completely and utterly blank as she keeps him pinned, while her CPU comes up with the most efficient way of terminating her target;


She glances at the now slumped over body for only a second, allowing the word 'DECEASED' to show up on her HUD.

"That was bold."

Turning on a dime, the woman shifts her gaze towards another human male, standing at about six foot three inches tall, with short sandy brown hair, green eyes and what looks to be like a military uniform of some sort.


"Thank you." She replies with a smile, casually tugging on the sleeve of her black leather jacket. To the average on looker, the woman is in her late teens, with shoulder length brown hair, hazel eyes and a ivory colored oval face. Overall, a very pretty young woman.

"You got a name, kid?" A second man asked, moving a couple steps forwards so that he was now standing beside the first man who spoke.

She tilted her head again as she stares at the second man for three point four seconds before answering his question. "Yes." Pause. "My name is Cameron." She finally said.

He smiled softly at Cameron. "I'm Alex, and this is Carth." He said, gesturing to the second man beside him. "What are you doing here?" He asked, looking at her in a curious fashion.

"I don't know." Cameron replied, as she approached both Alex and Carth. "I'm unsure of where I am." She added.

Carth frowned slightly as he looked the girl-Cameron, over. 'She could be a spy for the Sith.' He thought to himself. "How can you not know where you are?" He asked apprehensively. "Everyone know's about the Sith occupation of Taris." He stated, while crossing his arms over his chest.

"I'm not up to date with certain events." Cameron replied, seemingly unfazed by Carth's suspicions.


"Where are you heading?" Cameron asked, turning her focus towards Alex now.

"Probably towards the Cantina." Alex replied with a wry grin. "See if we can get any information on the escape pods that landed in the lower city-"

Carth coughed and nudged Alex in the side with his elbow, while sending him a glare. "Are you sure that it's wise telling her about that?" He asked, sending a quick, yet suspicious look towards Cameron again. "She could be a Sith spy for all we know!" He added.

Cameron stared blankly at Carth for a moment before speaking. "Sith?" She asked, her CPU currently attempting to come up with a suitable definition for the word, but failing in the process.

Alex' eyebrows raised into his hair line as he shared a look with Carth. "How can you not know what the Sith are? Have you been living under a rock all this time?" He asked, incredulously.

She smiled lightly as she 'thought' over her answer before speaking. "As I already said, I'm not up to date with certain events." Cameron said. "Can you tell me what's been going on for the past month or so?" She asked.

Sharing another skeptical look with Carth, Alex sighed and turned his attention back towards Cameron. "The Sith; a faction of people who are hell bent on controlling the galaxy, started a planet wide occupation of Taris, the planet we're on. This has been going on for months, they've blockaded and taxed everything. No one can get any food or supplies down to the civilians here." He explained, briefly glancing at Carth and getting a nod in confirmation from him. "Though it seems that the local cantina's seem to get a fairly steady supply from the Exchange here on Taris. Which is a crime faction, before you ask." He added with a smirk.

Cameron remained silent for the duration of Alex's explanation, her CPU processing and storing the information that he gave her in specific files for future reference. "Thank you for explaining." She said, giving Alex a small smile as well.

He chuckled lightly in reply. "Not a problem." Alex said. "We should head down to the cantina now." He advised, while moving forwards and past the now dead Sith and destroyed war droids laying on the floor. "Feel free to tag along if you want." He added.

"I will." Cameron said, easily keeping pace with both Alex and Carth as they walked down the hallway. "Thank you." She added.
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Taris was the kind of world that he found rather unlikable, but with his ship seized and all he had were his credits and what little he carried with him this was the best he could make do. As he sat at a table drinking something an officer and trio of soldiers approached the table, of course this was looking fairly bad as they were obviously not here to relax. “Your presence has been requested by Lord Malak, you have no choice but to…” He was stopped short by the man with blue hair getting up and slamming a fist into his gut, then pushing him to the ground with a light kick to his forehead as he was doubled over. He was not impressed and the look in his eyes was one of disdain and anger, this intrusion to him planning how to get off this rock and relaxing was not welcomed.

”Tell your master I do not bow to anyone, if he continues to bother me the only visit I will pay him is to kill him and then I will kill every one of you…” Came a rather cold response as the officer called for backup to detain and bring him in, and within a minute two groups of four soldiers were seen headed to the Cantina in a hurry like there was trouble. However inside it was getting even worse though, as when they entered as well as two other off duty officers who intervened had the blue haired force user surrounded. Saerin was smirking at this as he drew his saber and cut down a soldier that tried to approach, and then crushed the front portion of two blaster rifles.

”If you allow me to go about my business I will not kill any of you, but to prove a point….” He then reached out and pulled a stool out of the ground and sent it into the backs of a few of them, followed by proceeding to walk over them as they moved to cut him off from reaching the exit. He actually stepped on the knocked over people, not even blinking as he maliciously and cruelly made a mockery of them in public. He looked human but was not in a sense, after all he could exist in water and on the surface aside from the fact his hair was naturally blue. Of course he didn’t care who saw, but getting back his ship was suicide so he might as well call that a loss.
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" Dum nos spiritus, nos vadum vallo."

Upper Taris Streets
September 30th, 8:30 Hours

Casually walking out of the Equipment Emporium, located just a few stone throws away from the cantina, the trio of human beings; though unknown to the two males of the group, their female companion being something else entirely, began walking towards the upper city's local cantina.

Pausing mid-step for two point three seconds, Cameron finally speaks to her two companions. "Something is going on inside the cantina." She said, gesturing towards the door off to the left hand side of where they were currently walking.


Cameron tilted her head slightly as she continued to listen to the current chaos that was going on inside. "A brawl of some kind, maybe." She added in suggestion.

Another skeptical look was thrown Cameron's way by Carth. "And how in Force's name do you know that?" He asked. Honestly, this girl wasn't doing anything to get onto his good side, with not knowing where she even was when he and Alex met up with her, and now when she tells them that there's some kind of brawl going on inside the cantina? Carth sighed inwardly, this was getting more suspicious indeed.

She finally turned to look at Carth, one point two seconds after hearing his question. "My hearing is above that of an average human being." She replied simply, then turned her attention towards her newly acquired weapon; A medium length vibroblade, according to Alex.

"We should be careful when we enter the cantina." Cameron suggested, as the three finally walked up to the door.

"You think?"

Alex smirked slightly as he waved his hand at Carth, a signal for him to back down. "We'll see what's going on inside, and go from there, alright?" He said, before another thought came to mind. "And I think that you should let Carth and I deal with this. We don't want you getting hurt." He added, looking over at Cameron.

Cameron smiled softly, though her left hand twitching in contrast. "I can take care of my self, but thank you for explaining." She said, finally walking through the cantina doors with a graceful stalk that only a terminator could pull off.

"Well hello there, honey." A human male leered, looking over Cameron as she walked into the bar area. "Is there anything that I can do for you?" He added with a lustful grin.

Staring at the man, Cameron remained silent as her CPU began coming up with a different tactic for her current mission objective.


Smiling briefly, Cameron suddenly lashes out, slamming the man into a nearby wall, just hard enough to render him unconscious.

Alex blinked, then blinked again as he and Carth finally caught up with their young female companion. "Was that really necessary?" He asked, looking the man over for any apparent injuries.

"Yes." Cameron replied, while the word 'UNCONSCIOUS' flashed across her HUD as she spared a quick glance at the man now slumped against the floor and the wall. "He's only knocked out." She added, before turning her attention towards the rest of the bar. "Someone here should have the information we need."

Carth rolled his eyes at the girl. "And what? Are we gonna beat it out of them?" He asked sarcastically.

"We might." Cameron replied calmly, her optical sensors currently taking in every square millimeter of the cantina and storing the data in her 'LOCATIONS' file. "It depends on who has our information. " She said, still taking in every detail of the surrounding area and making electronic data files on the people currently in the room.
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