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Leviathos; Amphibious serpentine race from the unknown regions
Topic Started: Dec 31 2011, 03:31 PM (333 Views)

Leviathos – This is a relatively unknown subrace of humans who have adapted to a harsh world covered by ninety percent oceans, they are adapted to both air and aquatic but prefer the water. Their world is actually quite close to known space but is often avoided due to the ring of asteroids that generates a natural ion field; however it is a rich and untapped source of metals that are often used in ship building. The world is the fourth planet of the Leviathan Hades System, and to this day only a few ships have ever made it to the surface. They have brought tales of the Leviathos and their culture, however what is known is that they have no ships of their own design and only a few have ever been seen outside of their own world.

As a race they are a rather tall human looking being, with normal skin tone and hair and eyes that are often in blue and green hues for color. While they can breathe air they have folds of skin that resemble gills along the bottom of their jaw on either side, these folds can seal up when in air so that they remain protected. Additionally they possess the ability of low light vision and can see properly in very little light, however they are not without weaknesses. Their world is a low gravity world so when facing worlds that are higher gravity they often find themselves at a severe disadvantage, and they are also more sluggish in high temperature worlds as they have a lower heat tolerance. Their biggest weakness is that their race is incapable of using cybernetics, even ones as simple as prosthetics so they lose a limb they have no means of replacing it except for surgical means which requires quick timing due to their cold blooded serpentine nature.

They possess the same affinity for the force as humans, so it varies however traditional orders like the jedi and sith are foreign concepts to them and often they are consider force adepts with training from their elders. Those that do make contact with the orders will find it difficult deciding what to do, as they don’t quite grasp the concept of two sides to the force. Their race has always believed in the theory of a unified and living force, where the intent behind the power dictates whether it is light or dark. In war all powers to them are deemed neutral, for each has its place on the field.

Culturally little is known except that they are a race based on clans, and they have a council of four who represent the most powerful clans, this changes often as clans are deposed and crushed if they show weakness or over grave insults. However much of their culture is not allowed to outsiders, for they are often wary of them and will trade with them for ships and goods they cannot get on their world. It is known they are carnivorous, and look upon all meats as delicacies even that of sentient species.
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