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Darren Colsan
Topic Started: Jan 29 2011, 06:30 PM (389 Views)
J Mocks
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Sith Lord
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NAME: Darren "DJ" Colsan
FACTION: Republic Army [Special Ops Commando]
AGE: 20
HEIGHT: 6'1"
WEIGHT: 200lbs
EYES: Black
HAIR: Black
DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Scar from training incident below right eye.
  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Training
  • Blaster Training
  • Rifle Training
  • Squad Tactics Training
  • Piloting

Darren is above the average size for a human male. He stands 6'3" off the ground. He also tips the scales at 200 pounds. He has a very toned build, due to his intense training with his father. Darren has brown hair, cut short. He also has brown matching eyes. Darren also has a scar under his right eye. Complement to his father's training no doubt. Darren doesn't wear anything fancy when it comes to clothes. He wears clothing that will fit him nice, and that he's comfortable in.

Darren is a very nice, loving, respectful, hard working character. Growing up, his parents taught respect and courtesy at an early age. Given Darren's father is a retired Sergeant for the Republic Army, Darren's father made sure his son, would grow up to be respectful, hard working, and motivated. He received the nice and loving from his mother, who was really loving and caring to everyone. Even complete strangers. Through his father Darren built a strong love for the Republic and what it stood for.

But what can you expect? When your father is in the military, its only natural to share your stories and your love for what you do, to the people around you. This attracted Darren to the Republic military. Darren also wants to have peace across the galaxy. He knows the galaxy may never be in peace, but its worth fighting for. Darren hates war.

And people find it funny that he wants to join the military. But, Darren feels war is necessary to achieve peace or freedom. Or, just to protect yourself. He has a strong hate for people who hurt others, pick on others just for fun, basically, he doesn't like people who treat other people with disrespect. Darren thinks everyone should be respected, until they show/give you a reason not to respect them. And that's his motto:

"You have my respect until you show me otherwise."

Darren likes to be active. Whether that is working or working out. Darren didn't have much of a childhood growing up. Most of his time was spent with his mom. Which is why Darren embarrassingly admits he likes cooking. He also loves to eat.

Darren likes being around motivated, respectful people. Their company keeps Darren happy. Darren doesn't like being the only one to do all the work when it comes to work. He feels everyone should pull their own weight. If you don't want to, you dont deserve the job. He also dislikes, as stated before, people who are rude, disrespectful, and harmful.

Darren is a strong, smart, being. His body condition keeps him able in combat. His smarts keep him alive. His ability to use weapons at an intermediate level keep his foes at bay. With Darren's size, he isn't the fastest. Or quickest when it comes to reflexes. He also has little to no computer/hacking knowledge. Stealth could also pose a problem for Darren unless he's trained the proper way.

Once Benson and Bree Colsan found out they were having a son, they were flooded with joy. Nine months later, their son, Darren would be born on the planet, Corellia, where the Colsan's decided to raise Darren. They knew it probably wasn't the safest or best place, but they had no other choice. Benson was stationed there. Darren grew up quick. Before they knew it, Darren was walking and talking.

At the age of five, the Colsan's moved back to Coruscant. Benson was getting at that age where it was almost time for him to retire and he wanted to retire at home, which to him is, Coruscant. Darren excelled in school. The teachers said Darren was the top of their class. This happened all throughout Darren's schooling career. When Darren was ten, he told his father he wanted to be a Sergeant in the Republic Army, just like him.

This made Benson more than happy. He decided to start training his son. Since he wanted to join, why not and give him a head start so he didn't get his butt handed to him in BT (Basic Training). They first started out with a workout regimen. The physical condition Benson was at his age, 40, was remarkable. He always received compliments from collages and his strength kept him going.

They started out with light stuff. Benson didn't want to kill his son. He just wanted to get him into working out, and being fit. For a year, they stayed on the same workout program. Benson decided since he was only 10, he would increase the workout load every year. When Darren was 15, Benson retired from the Republic Army.

And for Darren he could of passed for 20. His body was toned, and he was already standing at 6'1". Benson could see his son was going to be huge. Benson himself was only 5'9" so he didn't get where Darren got the height from. At the age of fifteen Benson decided that was the right time to start training him in hand-to-hand combat. Benson taught him everything he knew.

He showed him forms he learned from other people, defensive and offensive forms. He showed him the correct technique to punch, kick, block, and slam an opponent. When Darren turned 17 his father started training him with weapons. They first started with melee weapons. He taught him offensive and defensive forms first. He then showed him how to use them effectively.

One day, Benson got a little carried away and actual hit his son in the face, scaring him under his right eye. Bree freaked out after she learned the news. But eventually, she got over it. Once they moved on to the guns, Darren started paying more attention. This, this is what Darren really wanted to train in. They started off small.

Blaster small. Benson taught him safety first. Because you could easily kill yourself or someone around you. He then taught Darren how to hold the blaster and how to correctly use it. Benson didn't want his son trying to hit long range targets with it. That just shows stupidity.

They then moved on to rifles. As before, Benson taught him safety first. He also taught his son how to break the gun down to clean it, and how to unjam it (if that's possible?). To train Darren with the rifles, they went on countless hunting trips. Yes its different shooting at a being who can shoot back. But the principal is still the same.

Next and last, Benson showed him the sniper rifle. This really interested Darren. After the safety procedures, Darren couldn't wait to get his hands on it. Being able to shoot targets at 1500 yards, with accuracy, was amazing to Darren. The hunting trips they took got more detailed with the sniper rifle. They were always hunting at long distances.

Darren had to take in account the wind, surroundings, and the targets movement. This is where Darren discovered he wanted to become a sniper within the Republic Army. At 19, Darren's training through his father was coming to an end. The only thing left for Darren to learn through his father was squad commandment, movement, and tactics. He wanted his son to know how to move within a squad, how to be tactful, and how to command one. Commanding a squad required the utmost discipline and knowledge. One false move could kill your whole squad or put their lives in jeopardy.

At the age of 20, Darren was a full fledged killing machine. His dad was proud at the training his son was able to complete. He didn't want his son to signup learning everything from BT. He wanted his son to have a leg up in BT. Darren couldn't wait to signup for the Republic Army. He had been waiting for this for years. All his training had accumulated to this moment. Now, it was up to him to make this experience he was about to receive something.

Once Darren cleared MEPS, he was set off to BT where he took it by the reigns. He had no problems in BT due to his father's previous training. He was a well tuned solider. And still at a young age. After BT, he was scripted into the Republic's 'SOG' division. Otherwise know as, 'Special Ops Group'. Unofficially, they never existed. Officially, there were the baddest of the bad. They were HEAVILY trained soldiers in combat, marksmanship, sabotage, and stealth. They were the elitist. Darren was a proud member of 'SOG'. He gave his life every mission, and would come home alive. Some say the force was strong with him. However, he wasn't force sensitive. The force was just on his side.



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Edited by Phoenix, Jan 29 2011, 07:08 PM.
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" Dum nos spiritus, nos vadum vallo."

Very nice. :) Though I spoilered your images at the bottom, due to the fact that they were stretching the page.

Approved. :)
Edited by Phoenix, Jan 29 2011, 07:10 PM.
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"If I offered you my soul, would you carry me away?"

This bio has been moved to OC Archieves due to lack of activity. If you wish to resume RPing this character please PM a staff member.-DarkSaber
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" Dum nos spiritus, nos vadum vallo."

Learn to move topics properly Saber. xDDDD You put his OC into the RP Archives board, I think you meant to put it into the OC Archives. :Rofl:
Edited by Phoenix, Jan 4 2012, 12:13 AM.
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"If I offered you my soul, would you carry me away?"

Thanks Phoenix :).
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