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Locked Topic
Star Wars/BtvS crossover sign up sheet.
Topic Started: Aug 12 2010, 12:40 PM (730 Views)
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" Dum nos spiritus, nos vadum vallo."

Alright, this is an RP that HK and I have come up with. If anyone wants to join, feel free to PM Saber, Rev, or HK. Whoever is online at the time.

Canon Characters:

Padme' Amidala- Revan

Anakin Skywalker-Saber

Obi-Wan Kenobi-Saber



Mace Windu-Saber


Sabe Knightley-Saber

Count Dooku-Saber

Darth Sidious-Revan

Nute Gunray-Saber

Jango Fett-Revan

Boba Fett-Saber

Crossover Characters:

Dark Willow/Willow Rosenberg-Revan

Buffy Summers-Revan


Faith Lehane-Revan

Cameron Philips-Revan


Gravemind/Random Flood combat forms,etc.-Revan

Thel 'Vadam aka Arbiter-Revan

John-117 aka Master Chief or Chief for short.-Revan

Linda-058(Now dead.)-Revan


OC Characters:
Kira Solaris,Jesse Solo,Kai Solaris,Annika Hansen-Revan

Tylan Atar,Ana Sedaya,Chris Hiluyian,Julian Atar-,Tolas-HK47Fan

Kayla Sabrina Solo,Skylar Sarena Skywalker-Saber

Kira SolarisxJango Fett.
Kayla SoloxAnakin Skywalker.
Sabe KnightleyxChris Hiluyian.
Jesse SoloxObi-Wan Kenobi.
Kai SolarisxJohn-117

Edit1: Saber has reedited this list.
Edit 2:Fixed some of the color coding, and added Cameron and the TX onto the list. :3
Edit 3: Added some more OC characters to the list.
Edit 4: Added Gravemind and the Flood to the list....Everyone is so screwed....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Edit 5:Added some characters and took over some other characters.
Edited by Phoenix, Mar 7 2011, 02:14 PM.
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"If I offered you my soul, would you carry me away?"

*Glares at Rev* AHEM! Mind telling us when this RP takes place at the top Rev before or after Episode II and mind telling Saber what exactly you have planned via PM so I can have a general idea? I have added my characters to the list. Don't worry you and HK aren't off the hook yet :P.
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"If I offered you my soul, would you carry me away?"

And another thing our Jedi Council is doing a horrible job with the upcoming events bahahahahaha. They need to be kicked off the Council. Why the hell do we have Gunray, Sidious, and Dooku in this RP when we ain't even used them for a flipping thing yet??
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"If I offered you my soul, would you carry me away?"

I would like to state for the record that NO MORE characters be added into the RP at this point. We have more than enough characters involved.
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" Dum nos spiritus, nos vadum vallo."

Agreed. The sign up for this RP is officially CLOSED!
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