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Magic Tricks; Open for anyone
Topic Started: May 19 2010, 08:37 PM (279 Views)
Twinkling Star

Just as I thought,
Through heaven and Hell,
I have traveled back home.

Cage stood in front of a burned carcass and smiled shyly. He was preparing to travel to an unknown land that he had heard about closely. He did not know the name of the place, or its customs or its people. He had just heard that there was a very floral garden and Cage always was attracted by that saying.

He had gathered all the necessary herbs and meat he would probably need after realm hopping, as he called it. The ritual began with him calling up a red squirrel and painfully slicing open it's stomach. He then pulled out its insides and burned the carcass. Now he held the insides in his left hand, blood oozing down his hand. In his right hand he held his emerald staff. Opening his mouth he set his gaze on the smoldering remains of the carcass and began to speak;

"GODS OF TIME AND OF SPACE! I CALL UPON YOUR POWERS NOW TO TRANSPORT ME TO THIS GARDEN FINE!", his booming voice echoed through his Garden of Eden. Soon after he spoke this a distant rumble could be felt below the ground. Cage smiled as a strong, cold wind blew his green hair behind him. He threw the insides onto the carcass which instantly burst into a plume of purple smoke. He clasped his hands together ignoring the blood the splattered in his face and muttered thanks.

As he was muttering a beam of white light shot from the carcass straight into the air. The beam burst through the clouds of Cage's world and into the blackness called space. The beam seemed to be coming from deep within the earth, and the heat it emanated was hotter then the sun. However, Cage could not feel the heat as all gravity was removed and he found himself floating in the air. He smiled as he stood erect in the air and held his staff, which was glowing as bright as the beam, out in front of him.

Only time will tell now,
Only time will tell now,
As I move forward,
And you move backward.

" VICOT SLMIN SOLOS ITSRAT MUTL!"* He spoke in a language that was long forgotten to the universe and its' inhabitants. A beam as green as the grass after a fresh rainfall zoomed straight towards the beam of white, hot light. When it collided there was but only one second where time in all the worlds of all the realms stopped. During this one second the beam of light expanded to the size of an elephant and the green light zoomed right back into the emerald staff. At the moment that the light hit the staff, Cage was swooped right into the beam.

I have wasted too much(too much)
I have wanted too little(too little)
And now you must pay the price(oh oh oh)
And that price is death!(oh oh oh)

The worlds began to move again. It was as if time had never stopped for one second, except Heaven's hell knew better. All of the inhabitants of the Garden of Eden looked around, Cage Gode was gone from their world and in his place sat a pile of herbs and meat.

Cage Gode stood blinking in the light of a new world. A new place just for him to explore. He hoped that his gods could still be contacted, and prayed thanks for gifting him a safe journey. However, he looked around and noticed that he was missing his food and his medicine.

"Sh--! The tools did not make it." He said aloud to himself. He looked around for any signs of life but did not see any. It looked to him like he was in a sort of maze. A labyrinth of some sorts. A smile lit up on his face, Cage loved puzzles. Looking up he noticed a building of some sorts made up of speckled marble. Ah. A temple it looks like. I wonder who the gods of this new world are. Looking back at his environment, he decided to to head towards the temple, without using his powers. He took a step forward, and fell to the ground. He was as weak as a dying leaf. The transportation process had drained him of his strength. He could only sit and wait for someone to wander by. He so hoped they would, he did not know the animal life here and did not wish to meet a death he did not deserve.

And now we end,
The world is done for,
Until I learn,
To love again. . .

((*God of time and space! TRANSPORT ME NOW!))
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