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Locked Topic
Random?; poems and picture of myself
Topic Started: Mar 14 2009, 01:20 AM (162 Views)

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Silly Little Rhymes

She sits here writing poetry,
Nothing’s going right,
Its feels like she’s lost everything,
Can’t go a gay without a fight.

She’s lost her mind and stability,
She has lost her job, friends, and family,
But something tells her to wait for the right time,
Maybe she’ll stop with this useless rhyme.

Everyone has faith in her,
They all rely on her,
She just wants to die here,
But no one will let her.

So she cries, while smoking a cigarette,
Right before going to bed,
Still not totally dead yet,
Still trying to sort out what’s in her head.

That she I talk about in my rhymes
Is me all the time,
She why do I hide,
From something that’s not worth a try?

Dear Child of Mine

Oh, dear child of mine,
You think your so powerful,
You think your so wise,
But you haven’t seen what I have seen,
Oh dear child of mine.

You have been through so much mourning, death, and being mocked,
The feeling still lingers of a strange man’s touch,
But you have yet to see what I have seen,
Oh, dear child of mine,
In due time, In due time.

Have you seen the sight of true war?
To the ground lifeless bodies pour.
Have you been beaten to the bone?
So many cuts that have yet to be sown.
Did you eat off the streets?
In all the summer heats.
Do you still have family that isn’t dead?
Are you parents still there to keep you fed?

Oh, dear child of mine,
You think your so powerful,
You think your so wise,
but you have yet to see what’s beyond life,
Oh, dear child of mine,
I promise, together, we’ll be,
In due time, with the wise.


She lives a deprived life now,
No one believes what she has to say now,
All she has to live on are her thoughts now,
She’s smart and ugly on the inside.
Because she has nothing but her thoughts now.

That’s why she lays here writing poetry,
because to everyone she’s a mystery,
She wishes to be gone and history,
because to herself she’s a mystery.

She’s a straight A student and a beauty queen,
There isn’t anything she hasn’t seen,
One the inside she’s cruel and mean,
Because she’s just another troubled teen.

Every night she prays, “Save me”,
But God doesn’t listen and leaves her be,
She overdoses everyday,
Wishing to be gone and sailed away.

Her Mother thinks she on drugs. Is she?
Her Dad thinks she’ll become a nobody. Will she?

She smokes and drinks her troubles away,
Hoping that someday everything will be OK,
Does she regret the thinks she does?
Yes, Because,
Now she’s stuck in a rut,
No one will help her out but,
If she dies,
She will realize that everyone did try.

They tried to understand,
They tried to help her out,
She was just to self conscious to figure it out.

It’s too late now,
She’s dead and buried in the ground,
Living the hell she always and never wished for,
Now wishing she could have done something more.

Virgin Mary

Here she is the Virgin Mary,
Skipping down the street with books to carry.

Her she is sitting quietly,
Her pencil scratches the paper wildly.

When school is done,
She’s ready for fun.

“Come here boys,
let’s make some noise!”

Here she is the French Whore,
The books she carries are no more.

She is smoking blunts,
Alcohol is all she wants.

When fun is done,
There is none,
Here she wastes her life away,
Partying all night and day.

She will not give, but will take,
Because old habits are hard to break,

Here she is still getting high,
All she wants now is to die.

Now she sits regretting what she started,
Here she is Mary the Retarded.

I sit in the dark alone,
as cold and as stiff as a stone.
Waiting for that special one,
or wait for that sniper gun.
All I want is a hug from someone I love,
or to choke me to death,
a hand with a glove.
I'm alone, in the dark alley,
Someone’s calling me, "Sally Sally"
I stop to listen, run towards the voice that echos down the walls,
below me stone falls.
I'm alone, waiting for you.

Dark and Alone
Here I sit alone in the dark again,
Hugging my knees imaging its you that I can hold on to,
But in reality your not even near me,
Nor will you ever be,
I wouldn't have to cry,
I would know you were near by,
The people I see everyday,
Don't realize,
What you see anyway,
I wish you were here with me,
So I wouldn't have to hug my knees.

I'm There
When I talk to you,
Actually get to know you,
To me your just all I ever needed,
I'm forgetting all I ever heeded,
Trusting that you would never lie,
And I understand why you always hide,
What you really feel inside.
But with me I hope you don't hold back,
because I’m here for you and that’s a fact,
Believe what you want,
Heed what you want,
But all I want to give you is the truth.

Left Unanswered
Maybe it's just lust I'm feeling,
This truth that i try peeling,
I'm not at all sure what this is,
If I gave my heart, would it be his?
All these questions left to answer,
Growing inside me like a
deadly cancer,
I'm afraid to let you get to me,
This pain I would feel if you left me be.
But if you truly love me like you say,
Then maybe it would be better off that way.


I feel scared and confused, let down and abused,
This eternal search to find a light,
Screaming out in a soundless night,
I feel used and lost, ashamed and immune,
yelling out to someone other then,
any of you,
I hit the floor,
now sorry for the wall I tore,
Determined to find the truth,
that you have full-proofed,
Wanting a change,
to not be held in a world so deranged,
to let go of a tear while holding on to something dear,
to be understood,
wishing for something so good,
wanting to be held tight,
to know that everything in my life will be alright.

Thank You

There’s something that I wanted to say last night
Something that need to be said,
If I don't say it,
It wouldn't feel right.

So I want to say thank you,
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for making me feel this way.
I hope we go that extra mile,
to wake up to each other everyday.

When I said you were the only one for me,
I meant you were something special,
And I truly felt I could,
When you said, "Trust me".

I'll be here for you,
If you want me to,
I'll leave when you tell me to leave,
I trust you won't take me for granted,
That you will be my friend, and my lover.
And I hope you never feel recanted,
to never rethink that we should be together.

I believe that you want to change,
you just don't know where to start,
I know it's something possible,
because you do have my heart.

And everything that was said last night,
Was said and meant to feel right.

I want to say thank you,
Thank you for making me smile,
Thank you for a change,
Thank you for making this feeling,
And I can't stress enough,
That I love you for you.

The feeling of something so true,
and something so real,
That maybe with you all my worries,
all my pain, and suffering, really can heal.

Thank you.

Kind of Man

I would make this less then ten words,
But I guess its not going to live up to those standards,
I just thought I'd write you something short and sweet,
But what you mean to me can't stay that secrete.

You’re the kind of man that I need,
to give me everything, but selfish greed,
The kind of man that will stay awake,
and listen to every outbreak.

And you’re the kind of man to give me anything,
Hence why I hate asking,
The kind of man to kiss me on the forehead,
and reassure me of any dread.

You love me for who I am,
and that’s all I'll ever really ask for,
I can never ask for anything more,

And I love how you call me 'baby',
How your always so warm and cozy
I love how you talk of true love,
And give me hope and dreams to think of.

Honey, you inspire me, to be the best I could ever be,
to a man as sweet as you.

No, I'm not usually this easy,
But I can't find anyone else more worthy,
For the love that I bring
Is something you love receiving.

And giving back is so rare.
The love you give is so simple, and so hard to compare,
That how you made me a believer,
You’re the kind of man that will last forever.

When the World Shines

When the world shines,
I hope your as happy, as you were with me,
because when the world shines,
It shines for you,
And it makes you feel like everything okay.
My world shines for you,
And I hope that’s okay.

Sarah Elizabeth Butler
Copyright © 2003-2009
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