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Entwined Fates; (Dhia & Cas)
Topic Started: October 14, 2017, 2:26 pm (117 Views)
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Rustling leaves swirled and flew up around him as they were stirred up from the ground by his frantic sprint through the forest within his large wolf form. The pungent scent of those who were tracking him only grew stronger with each step despite all the tactics he was taking in an attempt to lose them which caused his heart to race just a little bit faster. Although he'd been hunted before upon a full moon night, Castien had always managed to give all his previous pursuers the slip but this time was different,... This time they were right on his heels and gaining ground. He could almost hear his father's disappointment at the notion his only son could be foolish enough to get caught wooing and bedding Crecin's, a well connected and rich pirate captain, youngest daughter. The bedding aspect of the story wouldn't surprise Alexei but Castien was typically far more cunning than to be discovered in the act... Still, even now as he ran for his very life, every second with that divine creature had completely been worth the trouble it now brought him. As a matter of fact, if he somehow survived this whole ordeal, he might need to go back for seconds... But he couldn't be distracted by such fantastical thoughts right now. Turning quickly on his heel, the youthful werewolf barely managed to dodge an arrow that had whizzed through the air just passed his right ear. Crecin meant business but if Castien could just survive until morning, perhaps he'd be able to reason with the man. After all, he and his father had several dealings with him in the past so hopefully those prior arrangements would work towards his benefit. Yet as another arrow was barely dodged, he questioned if he'd even be able to live that long. With another two hours until sunrise to go, Castien needed a new tactic at staying alive so even though it was insane and dangerous, he turned around and started to rush towards his predators with a ferocious snarl and an intent to live... He defended himself brilliantly until the moment everything went completely black.

The throbbing pain he felt at the back of his head when he finally awoke wasn't anything new for him nor was the familiar sway he felt of the wooden floor beneath him or even the salty sea breeze he smelled from the waves just outside the portal window. At least he wasn't dead but as he moaned softly and moved his hand to rub the sore spot, the heavy manacle clasped around his right wrist finally caught his attention which garnered another moan from his lips. Opening his eyes slowly to let them adjust to his surroundings, Castien's gaze followed the metal links to the other end of his shackles to find himself chained to a young female within Crecin's brig. Her scent, black horns, red tail and claws all very clearly indicated that this beautiful, dark skinned woman was a half demon but much to his delight, she was also naked... And then it hit him, confirming his suspicions with a glance down at himself, the young werewolf realized he was naked as well and that all his gear and weapons were gone. In case that wasn't enough, Castien could sense the hindrance to his powers coursing through his veins and quickly realized that the shackles were enchanted to prevent the wearers from accessing their magic. Although he had been placed into a very unsatisfying and what would most likely prove to be a very difficult position, Castien couldn't help but be impressed by Crecin's cunning.

"Captain James Crecin, how have you been?!" stated the youth with a very calm, yet charming tone as he watched the pirate approach the cell.

"Yur charms ain't gonna work this time young Felandris, ye violated me young sweet Pearl but because I's don't need ye father breathin' down me neck fur killin' ya, I'll let ye live." remarked Crecin with a pleased smirk on his face, "Perhaps ye can seduce this one into yur bed as well but seeings as I be a bettin' man, I'd say the lass be far more likely to rip ye head off with her teeth first."

Glancing once more towards his chained counterpart, Castien chuckled softly before he leaned against the bars and turned his attentions back towards Crecin, "Yes well as lovely as that sounds Captain, I'm more concerned with what you plan to do with us. I'm guessing there's more to this than just chaining me up to a beautiful naked woman in your brig."

"Ye were always de clever one young Felandris, just like ye father, but what kind of gentleman would I be if I didn't be lettin' da two of ya gettin' to know one another better, aye?!" And with a laugh, Crecin retreated back up topside and left them alone to get 'better acquainted'... And even though Castien didn't have the faintest clue who this half demon female was, he had an inkling that he wasn't actually going to be able to enjoy being chained naked to her... How disappointing.

"I'm Castien by the way, and you are?" It wasn't altogether his finest introduction but considering he didn't currently see an alternative way out of this very unusual predicament, he'd have to learn how to work as a team with this demon otherwise they could very well end up swimming with the sharks... Or worse. A part of him secretly hoped this little debacle wouldn't get back to Alexei but knowing his connections, Castien wouldn't be avoiding this embarrassing incident from being hung over his head at the next round of drinks with his father. With thoughts of his father put aside, the youth decided he needed to focus on breaking free so with a charming smirk he turned to his new companion, "So, any thoughts on how to get out of this?"
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Dhia Zadrin
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Dhia growled sulphurously through the gag in her mouth. Her bare shoulder and arm hurt, pulled through the bars and twisted to a painful angle by one of the pirates. The half demon had refused to be silent, and so had earned herself a gag and an armlock just as her shackle-mate began stirring.

The whole situation was ridiculous. Not only had they captured her, but after she proved to be a difficult prisoner, they decided to strip her and chain her to some random naked man, for no apparent reason. She probably should be happy that's all they did, but Dhia couldn't help being furious with the humiliation. She wasn't even herself when she tried torching the ship, but she didn't know that until she'd already been shackled with the enchanted manacle, which resulted in temporary reversal of her brainwashing.

Dhia remembered the collar around her neck that used to control her and found yet another reason to be pissed off. Of all the things upon her, that was the one thing the pirates couldn't take off. Azriel made sure none but him could remove the thing that made her a slave.

A slave. Her. A fire-breathing half demon. A slave to a vampire. Dhia eyed the captain, as if all of this was somehow his fault. If looks could kill, the man would've combusted a dozen times over by now.

The other prisoner shifted, pulling on the chains unknowingly. The tug on her shackle jerked her already aching shoulder, eliciting another growl from Dhia. Her pointy tail lashed viciously against the ground and bars, her eyes watching the naked man from a corner with fury.

Him and the captain exchanged words. Apparently the reason she was shackled to 'young Felandris' over there was because the man couldn't keep it in his pants. That, and subsequent comments regarding her beauty and temper all got a muffled snarl from the woman.

Then, the capitain left with a laugh, the lackey who held her pinned to the bars retreating as well. The moment she was set free, Dhia spat the piece of cloth from her mouth and whirled to face Felandris. He told her his name, and with a smirk boldly asked her how to get out of the mess he himself created.

Dhia could no longer keep her temper in check. Rage blazing in her dark eyes, the woman wrapped her arm around the chains, and jerked them towards her. The fist of her other arm clenched white, she moved to deliver a mother of all knucke sandwiches to the bastard's face.

"How to get out of this!? I have a fucking idea! How about I kick your blasted ass so badly even the pirates will take pity on you!?"

Dhia didn't stop ranting after that.

"Are you telling me I'm in here with you because you couldn't keep your dick under control!?"
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"I highly doubt that will do either of us any good." replied Castien calmly, as he started to inspect the hinges of the cell door.

After the young gorgeous half demon threatened to beat him within an inch of his life and accused him of being at fault for their current predicament, which wasn't completely wrong, Castien started to take in their surroundings with a more focused intent of escaping. Knowing Crecin, there was far more in store for them than just being chained naked together in his brig, especially since the pirate practically confirmed as much with his reply... Although he'd left Cas with his head, there were far worse fates than death and because the werewolf had dealings with the Captain before, Crecin would be smart enough to avoid using any avenues of punishment that could potentially get back to Alexei. Which left very few options on the table to enact a far more suitable punishment for Cas than the situation he found himself in. And of those few options, the young werewolf could only think of one that Crecin would be low enough to venture down in which would truly be worse than death for him... Which is why Crecin had been clever enough to chain Castien up with someone, because as well as Castien knew Crecin, the same could be said of the Captain when it came to him, so that meant Crecin would know Cas would try to escape and nothing made that harder than having to do so chained with a complete stranger, naked, with no magic or weapons to aid him. Especially with a stranger that would clearly rather kill him than actually escape... An exasperated sigh escaped his lips as he turned back to the hot headed half demon he was chained to. 'This is going to be a challenge... And not the fun kind either.' But if he didn't want to learn first hand that his suspicions about Crecin's plans were indeed correct, he'd need to find a way to get through to this woman and get her to work together with him or any attempt at a successful escape would be completely impossible.

"And though that may be the reason I'm in here, I can hardly be blamed for why you're also here."

He could almost see the rage flowing off her as if a rushing wave of hate fueled her every breath when he suggested her being chained to him wasn't completely his fault. Perhaps that wasn't the best strategy to forming a partnership but this hadn't really been his day and his only focus was figuring a way off this ship and out of the manacle around his wrist... Though her sublime naked form was an appreciated aspect, there was no time to be had in seduction and charm... Then again, the youth did enjoy a challenge. 'Damn it Cas, concentrate! This is neither the time or place to be thinking with your dick.' he chastised to himself, 'After all, it's like she said, that's how you got in this mess in the first place.' Then he recalled Pearl's even more sublime naked form and smirked, 'So worth it.' Still, worth it or not, Castien needed to change tactics, he needed to think logically and quickly but most importantly he needed this half demon's help so he tried a somewhat nicer approach at getting her to calm down and assist him.

"Now, despite what you might be feeling towards me, we are, in fact, unfortunately chained together and the only way we're getting out of it is by working as a team. So, what do you say?! Will you help me out with these hinges please? I think we can actually pull them lose and walk right out of this cell. Unless you'd rather continue to point out my flaws."
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