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Into the Woods; (Aurov, Ny and Cas)
Topic Started: September 3, 2017, 11:02 am (103 Views)
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Stealth. This was vital not to mention crucial for the near impossible, highly dangerous, operation Castien had planned. After all, Nyron Aveas was not the type of man one simply robs and especially not in these particular woods... Woods that were claimed by a highly skilled bowman and rogue, much like himself, named Aurov Icemane. Neither of these men were the kinds of people one typically chooses to go toe to toe with but if there was one thing the youthful werewolf thrived on, it was dangerous situations and improbable missions. Which is perhaps why the Order picked him to retrieve the Kalindor: A magically enchanted emerald stone that was capable of locating any item, magical or otherwise, within Laera that the bearer desired to find. All one needed to do was use but a simple blood sacrifice made over the gem and speak the name of the item simultaneously. Castien definitely understood the importance of this stone as well as why the Order desired it to be within their possession but retrieving it was a task that only he himself would even have a shot at completing successfully.

Being within the forest, that resided on the border of Tyrov and Dorn, put Castien right in his element, for he was a master tracker and skilled outdoors-man. There was no terrain he couldn't navigate or prey he couldn't pursue but venturing undetected through this area would be no easy task. Which is why he currently raced flawlessly through the maze of trees within his werewolf form. At the very least his scent would come off as that of an ordinary wolf and his magical abilities wouldn't be detectable either plus he could move much faster and stealthier within his alternate form than he could as a humanoid. His sharp and heightened senses assisted him in staying upwind of his initial target but despite his skilled abilities to not snap any branches or rustle up any leaves did not mean that Castien already anticipated victory. On the contrary, the young mixed breed knew better than to get cocky or presumptuous. Just because he went unheard or unseen meant little to nothing when it came to getting the upper hand on Nyron Aveas... And with Aurov as a wild card in this particular situation, Castien remained ever alert and ready to face whatever shenanigans, situations or dangers that might come his way.

While he stayed, seemingly, under the radar, Castien shifted his position so that he could get out in front of the caravan Nyron was transporting his goods in but also remaining within the cover of the trees. Once he found himself a perfect spot to conduct his ambush, the youth shifted back into his humanoid form and quickly climbed to the top of a nearby tree in which he'd have ample shooting advantage with his bow. Now all there was left to do was wait for the caravan to move into his sight where he could initiate his assault. Yet, despite everything going according to plan so far, Castien prepared himself for the situation to shift at the mere drop of a hat... And the moment his senses detected the third member to this little 'party' also approaching the target, a wide smile spread across his face.

"Bring it on."
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Aurov Icemane
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Of the many places amidst the world, Aurov rather enjoyed his border crossing forest. It provided ample sustenance from fruits and hidden vegetable patches to the game he was able to hunt. The Dragon's Tongue Forest near White Haven was more resplendent but too near society for his liking now and then. Certainly he journeyed to the cities to trade furs, meats, and the like, even ply his trade hunting bounties, women, or the gold in the pockets of anyone from a beggar to the nobles, but he preferred the freedom of the forests.

For a moment, his heart longed for the hum of the Kudaean forests, for their life and vibrancy which not even the forests of the north could match. But for all his longing it was weeks, if not months of travel away. And besides, why leave now when opportunity had already knocked on his figurative door? The birds in the area scouted far and wide for him, keeping an eye on the roads and trails that passed through this particular forest, one that he had claimed for himself some time ago. They had spotted a caravan headed his way and he decided to take rather than to negotiate on this particular venture.

It was what had made this forest unsafe for some individuals, bandits and businesses mostly. Anyone with something of value to him was always in his sights. Of course, that made him slightly notorious in the eyes of the closest villages. Some of the people that had survived had spread to tell the tale of an archer, a bowman, a ranger that took as he saw fit without regard for life. Completely true, of course. He didn't give a single shit about the life of most living beings that walked on two legs. He could probably count the number of people he actually cared about on one hand, perhaps two if he included his fences and regular lays. The rest, however, were fair game as far as he was concerned, especially if they took more than necessary from his forest.

The animals in the area listened to Aurov, were friendly with him, even bringing him some of their bounty on occasion when he had spared them from death from predators and parasites alike. It was now that they told him the caravan had slipped into the forest more deeply and the opportunity was too good to pass up. Besides, from the images he received from one particular bird, there was plenty to take from this caravan. Silks and clothes, fine goods and of all things, a most curious parcel that contained, most likely, very precious cargo. So it was Aurov found himself shadowing the caravan at a short distance away, hidden within the environment as only he could be in this forest he knew so intimately. Instead of taking an approach from behind or the front, he always found hit and run were best accomplished from the side in at least two passes. One pass for the initial shock and awe to swipe what he could, the second to throw them off-balance and lead them on a merry goose chase through woods he would disappear in in short order. Of course, more than two was always possible and he wasn't above just killing everyone if they had something truly interesting. For now, however, he would simply take his "toll", as some businesses had come to call it after warnings from him in the past, and be on his way.

"Hopefully they have something in green, or perhaps ivory," the ranger muttered to himself.

As the ranger hid amongst the boughs of a large tree, he watched and waited for the opportune moment. The chatter of a bird in his ear, however, told him of a newcomer, one like him that sought something similar from the caravan he was about to raid. It intrigued the ranger but he paid them little mind. So long as the bastard didn't get in his way, they would have no issues. Instead, he prepared himself and loosened his axe in its loop, ready to slip in and take his toll as he pleased, hopefully undetected, though he doubted that.

"Now... where to strike first..."
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