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Nyron Aveas(WIP); Shady Swindler
Topic Started: June 7, 2017, 10:05 am (129 Views)
Nyron Aveas
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Basic Information
Name: Nyron Mordiev Aveas

Age: 350(adult)

Lifespan: ~1750 years

Race: Half Elf – Half Dark Elf (father), Quarter Incubus (Mother), Quarter Nymph (Mother)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Shady Dealer

Nationality: Sidyuan

Deity: Herio – God of Flight, Thieves, Commerce and Travelers

Nyron is six feet tall on the dot, on the taller end for a half elf. He is a svelte man, not physically imposing but still defined. The swindler is always on the move and with that comes a decent muscle tone, as well as a tan that tints his cream-colored skin. The road has seen him plenty, despite him painting himself as a simple shop-keeper.

The half elf has steel-gray eyes, soft and filled with centuries of experience. His gaze is clear and focused, displaying measured, carefully controlled curiosity and emotion. The man's angular, slender face is well taken care of, with an always-trimmed beard and jet black hair cut short. Nyron takes time to make himself presentable, and is naturally proud of it. This ego extends to other areas of his life, resulting in the man wearing a smug, confident smile with an air of easy-going superiority to his every motion. No matter the situation, he tends to smile right on through, regardless of the severity.

Nyron is a well-mannered man, with vocabulary and poise worthy of a nobleman. He moves with easy grace and speaks politely to both friend and foe. This courtesy is often a thin veil though, as many could easily see there is far more to the suave man than it meets the eye. Still, some are easily lulled by his soft, alluring voice and mysterious mannerisms.

Add to that his elegant and rich taste in clothing, and the man's visage of a well-read gentleman is complete.

Playby: James Marsden

For all his good manners and gentlemanly appearance, Nyron hides demons in his head unlike any other. His ego is grand, making him look upon the world as if it was his playground, its residents mere puppets to his show. Due to this, coupled with his rare ability to read and twist minds, he believes he is something alien. Above and beyond normal people, though not necessarily in a good way. Something of a philosopher, other folk are muddled down by morality in his mind, thus not having the mental flexibility he posseses. There is no right. There is no wrong. There are only consequences, and paths towards and away from one's desires.

Nyron is a master of half-truths and misdirection, capable of changing his expression at a drop of a hat. One moment, he could appear friendly and suave, only to bury a dagger in someone's back the next. To others he often seems untrustworthy and dangerous. Nyron is a stalker, a creep and a closed book to all. Many people find him frustrating to deal with, at least those observant enough to get a hint of his lying. It isn’t too hard to see that he is up to no good, and that he should be watched closely.

Unpredictable as he is, there is a method to his particular madness. Everything he does, no matter how immoral, he does in the name of those he loves. His daughter Meg, step-daughter Adira and friend Terai are some of the few people in the world who hold a place in his heart. For them, there is literally nothing he wouldn't stoop to, though he would deny it to death.

Something of a lost soul, Nyron aches for the peace and quiet of a normal life, all the while his thirst for adventure tugs him in the opposite direction. He simply cannot help himself getting in trouble with shadier individuals. For about a century of his well-hidden past, intrigue, politics and backstabbing was all he knew. A part of him still craves that slice of his previous life, like a drug he can barely stay away from.



  • [url=example]Linked Name[/url] – snippet
  • Regular name – snippet
  • Deceased name - snippet

Weapon Abilities:
Melee: None
Blades: None
Ranged Weapons: None
Blunt Weapons: None
Exotic Weapons: None
Magical Weapons: None

Magical Items:

Magical Ability:
Spirit(Mastered – Level 5)

Air(Mastered – Level 5)

  • Talents:

    • Memory(1) - The ability to remember faces, places, buildings, etc; basically a photographic memory. This comes in really handy to thieves, mercenaries, spies, transporters and scouts; that is if they possess this skill.

    • Haggler(2) - The ability to haggle any type of sales person to reduce the price of their wares by one third.

    • Locating(3) - The ability to sense, track or feel the presence of magic. A person with this talent can focus it onto one person, talent, element or magic strength but they must know details about that which they seek. It can also be used on objects made, filled or used for magic.

    • Traveling(4) - The ability to open a gateway directly from one location to another. Anyone of sufficient strength and knowledge can Travel. Traveling requires detailed knowledge of the place one is Traveling from and to otherwise the user can become trapped in between worlds or end up in a wrong location.

    • Forgery(4) - The ability to create a fake version of the caster/target that can be used to fool enemies. This forgery will smell, feel, look, sound, act like the caster/target and can be used as a distraction or as a trap against any threat. (The forgery will vanish after 4 hours).

  • Racial Talents:

    • Incubus Captivation(Succubus/Incubus) - Incubus and Succubus demons are able to use a powerful form of magical suggestions. This wave of captivation lowers inhibitions, enhances pleasure, increases lust, and acts as a form of magically compelling persuasion. Anyone caught in the captivation will want to do anything for these demons. Luring someone into their bed or to do something for these demons is very easy for them to accomplish. It can be resisted but a strong will is necessary and even then lust and pleasure will rise regardless. Absence from the captivated victim decreases the effect and after 3 hours they will no longer be captivated and will be unable to be captivated again for one month.

    • Darkness(Dark Elf) - The user creates shadows/darkness in varying degrees, from soft dimming to pitch black darkness. The user can drop a 30 feet area of magical darkness wherever they can see so long as the distance isn't too far away.

    • Animal Speech(Nymph) - The ability to speak with animals, sense their emotions and read their thoughts.

Writing Sample:
Click here!

OOC Info:
Hi! I'm Andrea, also known as Illyrianna. I've been Rping for about a decade now aaand... what can I say? I like writing, programming and playing badass ladies!

Bio Color: #062A78
Speech Color: #062A78

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Nyron Aveas
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