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The War of Plight
Topic Started: May 13, 2017, 10:26 am (162 Views)
Raven Cathain
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The Enchantress
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History: Donovan Naetil's General Daemon Blaze, along with his Sorceress Vylaska Saaerivik, spent many, many years using controlling and manipulative magics to turn Aedonia's own army into their own until finally it became The Dark Forces. With their now nearly countless, 'devoted' soldiers, The Dark Lord and his Sorceress Queen attacked Dragon Mount, killed the King and Queen, turned all the dragons to stone through a blood binding magic and gradually took complete control of the Mountain Kingdom known as Aedonia. They would hold dominion over this nation for 21 years until the Great Army of the Alliance would finally band together under the leadership of Darion and Josephine Naetil, the Prophesied Blue Dragon and Golden Rose, and defeat the Dark Forces within the Battle of Madyrn.

Timeline: 200 of Frei to 221 of Frei

Members: The Dark Forces & The Great Alliance

Location: Aedonia

Purpose: The Dark Lord Daemon Blaze & his Sorceress Queen Vylaska Saaerivik desired to rule all of the Great Alliance but the Great Army of the Alliance held their forces off for 21 years

Key Events of the War: The Fall of a Capitol(FoaC), The Battle of Hunter's Glen(BoHG) & The Battle of Madyrn(BoM)

Key Deaths: Donovan Naetil(FoaC), Aislynn Naetil(FoaC), Daemon Blaze(BoM), Vylaska Saaerivik(BoM), Jason Thornton(BoHG), The Knight Family(BoHG), Ajeli Namoke(BoM) & Gawyn Naetil(BoM)

Cliff Notes: Most of Aedonia would be destroyed, altered for dark purposes or left to be overtaken by nature during the War of Plight, not to mention the population itself would be reduced to a mere 3,000 scattered throughout the mountains. Most of these survivors would become rebels that often attacked small supply wagons, scouts, prison carts and other various activity conducted by The Dark Forces. And though a thorn in Daemon's side, their interference's hardly put even a small dent in his enterprise so he left them unchecked knowing that they often lost many of their numbers in these attempts to hinder his power and therefore weren't worth his effort. As for the frozen dragons trapped in stone throughout Aedonia, a rather great number of them would be destroyed by the Dark Forces but some were fortunate enough to be hidden away within the countless caves of the country or were protected by what few Aedonia's still lived. It would be later discovered that Josephine Naetil, the now Golden Queen of Aedonia, actually went into Aedonia every year during the war to find and retrieve frozen dragons and place them within a safeguarded location in Evora. It would be due to this act of bravery and kindness that after the defeat of the Dark Forces, many dragons throughout Laera would flock to Aedonia to aid in it's reconstruction as well as serve in the reinstated Dragon Riders.
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