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Raven Cathain; The Enchantress
Topic Started: February 5, 2017, 2:56 am (414 Views)
Raven Cathain
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The Enchantress
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Name: Raven Cathain: cath(as in catherine) ain(as in vain)

Nickname: The Enchantress

Age: 1,000

Lifespan: 6,000(Both Blood and Eilaer extensions have already been performed on her)

Race: Half Siren(Natural Born Race)/Half Dragon(Blood Extension Given Race)

Gender: Female

•Freelance Battle-Mage
•Kuvaron Mistress
•Traveling Enchantress
•Honorary Gray Sister of the Towers

Nationality: Aydinian(eye-den-ian); claims to be Estraean

Sentinels of Sanctuary
•Syrena: Goddess of the Ocean, Sea & Horses
•Selene: Goddess of the Night, Moon & Stars

Languages: (Besides common)
• Elvish(All forms and dialects)
• Mermaidian
• Draconic(All forms and dialects)
• Dwarvish
• Demonic
• Rhine(The language of Aydinans)
•Sign language

Appearance: (Play-by: Megan Fox)
Temptations come in various forms yet there are none that quite compare to the exquisite Siren known as Raven Cathain. This rare, enchanting beauty is indeed a beguiling creature capable of inspiring the most pious of souls into desiring the most sinful of pleasures with nothing more than a simple glance in their direction. She has shiny, thick, long luscious locks of black hair that falls in soft curls all the way down to her hips. As for her eyes, they are an average almond shape; these deeply seductive and mysterious orbs are a rare yet lovely shade of amethyst that almost put the goddesses to shame. Her face is a pleasing round shape with high, defined cheekbones, a soft jawline and a small, delicate chin in which is blemish/scar free possessing a silky smooth feel and a lovely youthful glow. Raven also has small, well rounded, shapely eyebrows that sit just above her eyes. As for her nose, it is average sized and unassuming but her mouth,... Such a pair of enticing rose pink lips that are so full, soft, wet and luscious they practically beg to be kissed and always seem on the verge of a knowing smile.

Raven's skin is a warm, sun kissed golden hue that is incredibly well taken care of and therefore is quite silky smooth. But most impressive is perhaps that she also possesses a toned, muscled and fit body that has impressively fast reflexes but one that is also capable of bending and twisting in remarkable ways. As for her curves, they are perfectly balanced with large bountiful breasts, a small toned waist and sinfully shaped hips. This femme fatale could entice even the strong willed into committing devious acts of the flesh with a mere swing of her hips, an inviting smile and a flirtatious wink. As one of her admirers once put it: With long, thick black curls, dazzling amethyst eyes, full, soft pink, petal lips, silky smooth, sun-kissed skin, a sweet, seductive voice and ravishing, lustful curves; Raven is the very embodiment of lustful desire and as such shall have the entire world at her delicious mercy.

Her wardrobe only ever emphasizes the gifts she's been given and leaves just enough to the imagination to tease those around her. It consists of refined, expensive fashions and fabrics in shades of every color. Jewelry, corsets, layered skirts, undergarments, nightgowns, swimwear, cloaks, gloves, shoes, shawls, shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, capris and gowns line her rather impressively large walk-in closet. Her body is not scarred, tattooed or blemished. She stands at 5'9" and weighs 125lbs.

Personality: Raven is a strong willed, self assured, determined, firm, ambitious, fierce, passionate, confident and wise woman. She is the type of person who has the inner strength to propel herself to do anything she sets her mind to and doesn't let anyone/anything stand in her way. Her ambitions are high as she quests for knowledge in all things, to find lost and forgotten magic/magical objects, immortality without becoming undead and being remembered throughout the ages as a Legendary Enchantress. This beauty also has powerful leadership abilities, she can hush an arguing crowd with no more than a chilling glance and can empower people to call to arms with the masterful skills of her silver tongued words and melodic voice. She can also be an incredibly good listener and respectful to others, whom she deems worthy of her respect, otherwise don't count on her sparing someone of her, sometimes cold, honesty. Raven also has a refined, sophisticated manner in speaking as she is highly intelligent and very cunning; behaving more akin to a female of royal birth, upbringing and class unless in the bedroom, then she is a passionate temptress who leaves any lovers in an euphoric coma state for hours after she has finished with them. This is one powerful woman that always finds herself twenty steps ahead of her enemies and solving near unsolvable problems with her clever quick wits and calm demur. And in case all of that wasn't intimidating enough, Raven is a also a rather skilled fighter, one whom is quite formidable and it is best not to trifle with her on any level otherwise you will feel the wrath of a truly devastatingly powerful femme fatale!


The Towers of Dorn

Tyrov, Estraes & Aedonia

Order of Kuvaron

Alexei Felandris

Dhia, Lucien & Terai


Weapon Abilities:

Martial: Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Krav Maga & Jiu-Jitsu
Blades: The Wailing Banshees: These are two fabric fans of a dark blue color with a black flower design attached to 5 sharp metal blades. These weapons can be folded up and used like short swords or unfolded and used like shields or ranged weapons. They are unbreakable, will never rust, rip, fray or dull and can only be used within Raven's hands. They can be used like boomerangs when thrown and will always return to her hands. They can pierce the hide of a dragon and most armor. They can also be used in a spinning technique that will blow her opponent back 2 feet and send them onto their back. But perhaps their most unique ability is that she can channel her Siren's Song into them so that when they are thrown, a shrieking wail will pierce the ears of anyone within her vicinity and cause them to go deaf for 2 hours as well as being completely unbalanced upon their feet.
((Link: http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g38/The_Golden_Rose/RPC/Ravens_Fans_zpseomown9w.jpg))
Ranged Weapons: See Blades & Exotic Weapons as well as 2 daggers generally kept strapped to the sides of her boots or thighs.
Blunt Weapons: None
Exotic Weapons: Shaper: This weapon can be any type of weapon the user is in need of; it is generally carried as a small pin hooked at the side. Regardless of the type of weapon the user requires, it is just as strong and durable as any, of that particular weapon, in which it is made into. The weapon will always return to its user and if used as a bow or crossbow, always comes with an endless supply of any type of arrows the user desires.
Magical Weapons: See Blades

Magical Ability:



•Suros' Clock - You can turn back time and undo an event but only within an 8 hour span of the current time. You can only use this ability once a day.
•Transformation - The ability to transform its user into another person, creature, object or element. This ability can also be used against others. The transformation will remain permanent until removed by its creator, the creator is killed or another magic user skilled in this Talent or Reverse Magic undoes the spell.
•Exhaustion - Temporarily drain the energy of a given target, producing fatigue for 3 hours.
•Shroud of Light - The user creates light in varying degrees, from comfortable, moderate light, to blinding light that will leave those that see it stunned. Made to counter the ability "Darkness," Shroud of light holds many of the same traits, able to be placed over a 30 feet area within sight. This talent can also be used like a torch from the users hand or as an instantaneous flash to disorient ones enemies.
•Two Left Feet - The ability to cause a target to walk in circles for 1 hour(Cannot be used more than once a day).

Racial Talents:
•Siren's Song - The ability to lure and captivate others with the sound of the user’s speaking voice. They can create emotions in others, make them forget ever meeting the user, cause someone to agree with anything they say or entice them to do their bidding for a brief time. If the user should sing, that user will take mild control of a small crowd(within listening range) to their will for 6 hours but weakens the user to the point of passing out temporarily. The closer proximity and smaller size of the group targeted will improve the amount of control the user has. This singing ability can be concentrated down to one person but it takes a lot of magical effort to do so and will weaken the users abilities(physical and magical) for the entire length of the control which will last 8 hours instead of 6 but once a target is 'enslaved', they will do the user's bidding without question and protect them with their own life until the time limit has lapsed or the user is killed before hand.
•Dragon's Screech - It is the ability to scream or roar so loudly that it will cause anyone within a 10 feet radius to go deaf with an intense ringing sound for 4 hours. If a Dragon is using it in their true Dragon form then the range is a 30 feet radius. Ringing deafness can be cured by the caster blowing in their target's ear or through healing.
•Dragon Bond(Nobody) - An inherent talent for any Dragon and Half Dragon, one that they have alongside their other racial talent. Dragon Bonds are a very personal and private thing. These bonds connect a dragon to their chosen partner for life and cannot be revoked until the death of one or both persons involved in the bond. For dragons, they are able to communicate completely and share emotions/feelings across the bond telepathically with their partner. Half dragons, on the other hand, are only capable of sharing emotions/feelings across the bond with their chosen partner. This bond is intense and deeply personal and certainly not to be forged lightly.

Writing Sample:
(An Old Post)

OOC Info: Hi! My name is Jenny, I am the creator of this site, am a single mom and I live in ND, USA. I have been online role-playing since I was 19 and continue to enjoy writing and creating stories. When not working, spending time with family and friends or online I enjoy watching a shit load of shows! lol If you want to know which just ask. I love to sing, dance, go to the movies, sew, draw, paint, read, write and go for walks. Well that is about all I've got to say right now other then, "Take it away Blue Eyes!" *Frank Sinatra begins to sing 'My Way'* xD
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Raven's Bio

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Raven Cathain
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The Enchantress
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BAM! I give you the excellence that is Raven Cathain! I approve of this epic character and hope to get a chance RP-ing with all of you at one point!

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Raven's Bio

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