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Potions, Poisons and Ingredients; Constantly updating
Topic Started: October 27, 2015, 5:58 am (192 Views)
Tobias Virinus
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This topic will act as a guide for you on what potions, poisons and ingredients are available or possible throughout the world of Laera. Some of the ingredients are common while others are extremely rare; the same could be said of potions and poisons as well. Some of the concoctions below require magic to make while others are purely a test of the brewers knowledge, skill and ingredients cupboards. If you have suggestions for additional potions, potions and ingredients please submit them to an admin and those suggestions could very possibly end up here. (A limit of 5 per character is allowed to be carried at a time)

**Important Note: No more than THREE magics/items/etc that can be used to control others with will be allowed per character, also consent MUST be given by the writer of any character in which control over is desired as well as the length of which control will be allowed.**


Healing Poultice: A poultice is usually applied to wounds directly and bandaged. Most basic healing poultices like this clear up any infections, as well as some poisons, and speed up healing at a normal rate. Numerous applications and bandage changes necessary. Found in most any household, alchemists' or healers' wares.

Magical Healing Poultice: As the name implies a magical healing poultice is infused with some sort of healing magic to speed up the process. Most poisons and infections will be cleared up quite quickly and any wounds will be cured in short order with this poultice applied correctly. May take a few hours or days depending on severity always good to keep these handy. Many magical healers and mages in general are capable of making these poultices.

Estraean Healing Poultice: Estraes has long been known as a nation full of wonderful magic, especially in regards to healing. It is no wonder that their poultices are the most potent in the world because of their extensive study and their easy access to many rare herbs and healing magic. An Estraean poultice will likely heal a wound within a matter of hours, if not minutes, and will cure any infection or poison within that time. Rare and expensive, so open your coin purse or get creative if you intend to obtain any.

Healing Potion: Brewed in the homes of many alchemists, healers, and maybe even households, they can have a variety of strengths but generally follow a common description. Most normal physical ailments treated fairly regularly. Cuts and broken bones healed more quickly but still take time. Numerous uses necessary for full recovery in most cases. Rejuvenation of the mind and body often the most noticeable effect, giving the user energy and stamina.

Magical Healing Potion: What it says on the label. A magical healing potion will cure most ailments and heal most wounds fairly quickly with the help of some magic imbued into the potion. Most poisons, potions and infections don't stand a chance against this. Regeneration of the body is quick, and rejuvenation is nearly instant. Most magical healers and mages in general are capable of making this.

Estraean Healing Potion: The Estraean's certainly love their countrymen and all living things that don't want to kill them. Estraean healing potions are rumored to bring people back from the brink of death with a few applications and otherwise can heal someone as quickly as any focused healing magic can. Any malignant potions, poisons and infections are dealt with in short order. Regeneration is very quick and rejuvenation instantaneous. Estraes prides itself in making the best healing potions, so bring your coin purse or get creative.

Lust/Love Potions: These type of potions are often magical, though natural aphrodisiacs and alchemical concoctions exist to enhance lust, stamina and the like. Oftentimes these potions will override a persons thoughts, instilling in them a need to act on newfound feelings of love for a certain person. Those potions geared toward lust can be keyed to a person but often just substantially increase a persons sex drive and stamina.

Loyalty Potions: Magical in nature, loyalty potions can be hard to come by but very effective in some cases. Unfortunately this is also quite an insidious effect as it affects a persons mind and forces them to become loyal to someone, sometimes with a devoted zeal none would get in the way of willingly if they valued their life. These potions are complex and delicate, so their rarity is to be expected.

Magical Resistance Potions: A rather beneficial potion for those that can actually afford it. Magical Resistance potions are magical in nature, and rare as a byproduct of that. These potions essentially give a person a level of resistance against most magical effects. They can still be impaled by earth spikes and ice spears of course, but other talents, elements, and magic will have a more difficult time harming them, and mental intrusion is impossible until it wears off. The effect of these potions, however, is never for more than a few hours at the very most. Given their nature of resisting magic, these potions are rarely made by those that are able to create them and are quite expensive as a result.

Sunrise Fireburst: A potion unique to the vampires of Sunrise, this is one of the few very powerful alchemical concoctions not infused with magic. Sunrise Fireburst is used by vampires primarily for lighting fires and torches in an instant. As soon as this concoction comes in contact with its target it bursts into flames and quickly spreads, no added fire necessary. Some speculate that higher ranking vampires carry this to torture or kill enemies, while others fear the vampires may use it in siege weapons to spread fires that can't be put out easily through any means. If this gets into the bloodstream, that person is in for a very painful experience, perhaps even death. Given its power and origins Sunrise Fireburst is carefully guarded by the vampires so no one can replicate it.

Arvia's Tonic: A potion used primarily by particularly studious scholars and mages, Arvia's Tonic acts much like a stimulant, sharpening the mind, rejuvenating the senses and keeping someone awake, focused, and alert. Using it too often, however, can have detrimental consequences and it could even be used as a poison in concentrated quantities.

Blank Journal: A unique potion, the Blank Journal is a magical potion that effects the mind, more specifically a targets memories chosen by the user. This potion, or poison as it has been called by some, has been used to create new identities entirely, or to change someone's allegiance if used by an experienced manipulator. Be very careful when handling or using this, as too much could destroy a person's mind entirely. This potion is extremely rare.

Truth Serum: A wide variety of these exist out in the world. These serums are used to bring the truth out of individuals. Sometimes they are used in negotiations to assure the certainty of both sides agreeing to deals, while in other cases it is used to interrogate prisoners. If too much is used it can kill someone, force them to always speak the truth, or give them immunity to such potions. They are fairly rare given their difficulty to brew and some are magical while others are not. The most powerful truth serum is the King's Confession.

Transformation Potion: The varieties of these range from simple hair changes and growth spurts to complete aging or transformation into a different appearance altogether. Some may last only a few minutes or hours while others can be permanent. Spies of various countries keep themselves well supplied with this sort of potion and many face identity crises considering they may forget what they originally looked like. Not only that but eventually the potion may no longer effect them permanently and they will require a Mage skilled with Transformation Magic to help them. Amusing for pranks, useful for cosmetic touch ups, and dangerous in the hands of the cunning, transformation potions are rare, though less potent and more commercial varieties can be bought more easily in Dorn.

Fertility/Infertility Potions: These potions come in various strengths. Infertility potions are often used on a weekly or monthly basis depending on potion strength by prostitutes or lovers to ensure they do not get pregnant during their trysts. More permanent infertility potions also exist, but can be cured by fertility potions and vice versa. Fertility potions can be very weak, to give you a little boost to have kids, or very strong, making it almost certain of having children with the next person you take to bed. These are fairly common potions, but the most powerful are only found with the best healers and Brewers, and can be quite expensive.

Poisons come in such a wide variety that it's hard to keep track of what is actually in some of them. This section will cover just some notable common, magical and rare poisons.

Giant Spider Poison: Used by and extracted from Common giant spiders, their poison can act as a paralytic. Depending on the concentration and dose size it could be gradual or nearly immediate, and may last longer or shorter than some uses. This poison, if used in severe concentration, can stop the heart. It is advised to be careful around the spiders and anyone using this poison.

Blue Spot Poison: Poison extracted from the rare blue spotted giant spiders, this poison causes random hallucinations and eventual death of the one affected. The poison, however, also produces a great amount of pain while affecting the victim. Given the rarity of the spider the poison is also rare and hard to get ones hands on.

Living Nightmare: Another, far more potent hallucinogenic poison, Living Nightmare is made from a combination of ingredients with a rare mushroom as its main source of strength. This poison is concentrated, and instead of causing random hallucinations it will seep into the mind and produce the darkest fears and nightmares of the victim. Can be fatal due to victim reaction to the hallucinations.

Yvaine's Tears: Almost more of a potion than a poison, Yvaine's tears influences a person's resistance to magical influence, specifically influence over the mind. The tears significantly reduce resistance to spirit magic in a person and make them much easier to brainwash, not just because it brings down resistance, but because it opens up the mind to outside input and influence much easier than normal. A dangerous poison in the wrong hands, Yvaine's Tears is thankfully incredibly difficult to produce and procure.

Night's Cradle: A special powder only available to vampires of Sunrise, Night's Cradle is a powerful sleeping agent. Even the smallest doses will produce near instant sleep for a time. The powder is usually thrown and billows out easily into clouds for people to inhale, though can be slipped into food and drinks easily. Incredibly effective against all beings, this sleeping agent is to be feared.

Death's Embrace: Another powerful concoction exclusive to the vampires of sunrise, Death's Embrace is a powerful paralytic powder. It causes near instantaneous Paralysis and incredible stiffness. However, where other poisons run the risk of stopping the heart, this paralytic does not. In fact it keeps its victims alert and awake while they are paralyzed so that Vampires might feed them, or feed on them. If you can help it, avoid this poison at all costs.

Ingredients come in a wide variety of forms. Anything from powdered unicorn horn, Phoenix feather, and Sea Serpent blood all the way down to common, rare or magical herbs can be used in potions and poisons. Given their variety, ingredients can be found in many places or in just a few and may be difficult to come by in some cases.

Sea Serpent Blood:

Dragon Blood:

Troll Blood:

Powdered Unicorn Horn:

Phoenix Feather:

Griffon Feather: Used in potions of enhanced speed, enchantment, flight or intelligence.

Griffon Beak:

Griffon Claws:

Giant Spider Venom:
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