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What Is Naruta?

A low-fantasy, pseudo-medieval world where humans carry an intrinsic piece of the Elements that created them, Naruta focuses on the individual adventures of players in a diverse, growing world with many opportunities for unique roleplaying experiences. We have been running for seven years now and the adventures only continue to get better. We have an extensive, colorful world that players can immerse themselves in, full of culture, personality, and history.

We're in a period of IC downtime, allowing characters to rest and rebuild after the last big plot. This is a great time to join up and explore the world, meet new people, and build character relationships! For those wanting something more story-driven off the bat, there are quests/mini-plots ready for someone to grab and run with, and we're always happy to plot and plan with new players! There's no word count and no character limit. We're accepting all elementals, but could really use some more Ice and Earth types, as well as mixed elementals, such as, say, Storm/Mind.

We look forward to seeing you at Naruta!


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