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Welcome aboard the official LT Tour! Thank you so much for your interest in our site! We are always happy to have new visitors and the prospect of new members! Please take the time to read through all the information that we have provided here and see what we are all about. We have taken a great deal of time to create this tour to ensure all new members understand this beautiful and complex world we have made. Simply click on each subject, in bold text, to take you to each appropriate area. With that in mind, please keep your hands inside the Tour Cart at all times and here we go! *cranking rollercoaster sounds*

The first stop on our tour is a brief history of the site itself:

Our Origins: Jenny(Head Admin/Creator) made a site called ‘Cottage of Evora’ way back in 2001, it was a VERY simple MSN Community Page that, since, has expanded into what has now become this Zetaboards site called: Legendary Tales; a place where everyone is accepted and the members feel as if they are a part of a family. This site is one in which she has additional amazing helpers that have contributed to what it is now: Andrea & Jean. These three online friends work together in running/creating all its visual aesthetics and story-lines. Originally, ‘Cottage of Evora’ was entirely based around Josephine’s(Jenny's very first character) home. It has since evolved into an entire world(called Laera) of countries filled with a variety of races, ranks, creatures, gods, magic, occupations, etc to play around with. The Story is now based on a world facing threats from The Vampiric War. This site continually grows and evolves with its members and the ever inventive plot lines they and the admins have come up with. We take great pride in the work and time that has gone into this place and we are forever grateful to the wonderful members who continue to assist the Admins in making Legendary Tales everything that it is today!! And we hope that you consider becoming one of them. <3!

Rules: The second stop is the Rules. Yes everyone hates being restricted by rules but they are important to keeping things fair, just and clean. We obviously want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves but without rules there would be chaos and disorder so that is why they must exist.

Laera Records: We’ve reached the “Understanding our World” portion of the tour! This is by far the most time consuming but it is also the most important. Each country has its own unique history, culture and customs. Reading through these is vital to understanding what each nation means to its people and the rest of the world. It will also help you in figuring out where you’d like your character to belong and what sort of things to expect if they should visit a particular nation.

Current Events: Besides reading our Laera Records, the Current Events are a great place to learn what is happening within Laera. This may help you to decide what you'd like to see your own character involved in! Just one of those loops on a ride that you need to go through to get to the end.

Magic: This is the magical part of the tour where it feels like we did something impossible and amazing! From Talents to Elements, from Beginner to Experienced, anything and everything about magic and the use of it on this site can be found here(Helpful Tip: Write the one’s you like for your character down as you read through them. This way you won’t have to go back and skim through them again to find the ones to choose. Plus it might help you to figure out if you want your character to have magic or not and if so, how much magical power do they possess?!).

Weapons: This is where you can find the types of weapons available within our world and brief descriptions of what they look like and how they are used. If you do not see a weapon that you'd desire for your character to wield within the list, please put in a request and the Admins will decide if such a weapon exists.

Our Calendar: Year, Months, Days, Seasons & Holidays. This is useful if you are planning on signifying a date within your posts or journals or if you just want to know if they celebrate a version of Halloween!

Races: Do you want to be a vampire, elf, human, cuttlefish?! Okay, maybe not that last one but every race available within Laera, what they can do and what is known about them can be found here.

Gods: Will your character have religious beliefs?! Will they worship, follow or devote themselves to certain gods?! Well here you can find all the deities of Laera, what they created, which gods/goddesses they are related to, their symbols and what they are known for.

Creatures: These are all the fantasy type creatures which exist in Laera that your character could come across. So be careful when traveling alone or they might just end up being dinner!

Census: Want to know how many other characters there are, what races they belong to, how many are male/female, if they are good or evil?! Well then this is the place to go to find out what kind of characters already populate Laera.

Map: Simply, this is a map of our very beautiful Laera and is helpful in showing where all the nations reside, how big they are and the names of cities your character could visit.

Timeline: Every important event/war of the past can be found here. This will help you to keep what happened straight or to decide if those events/wars in some way impacted your character.

Bio Form: Now to put all of that above info to use and throw it together so you can create your character! YAY! XD (Helpful Tip: Copy/Paste the Bio Form into a word document when you start the tour, then fill in Nationality, Race, Gods, Magic, Etc as you look over the above links. It might just help to speed the process along or help you to remember which ones you liked the best!)

Need a Play-by? Or a picture? And if you find that perfect picture but don’t know how to edit, resize, blend, adjust, color, etc. well then stop over at Avatars & Signatures by The Golden Rose! Either Jen, Andrea or Jean can help you create the perfect pictures to satisfy your desires!

And that concludes the Tour! We hope you enjoyed the ride and have decided to become a part our wonderful family!